Referral Incentive / Starling Hearts


Customer services have just informed me that the coveted prize for achieving 5 referrals and filling all of your ‘Starling hearts’ is absolutely nothing!!

I’m devastated to learn this after working tirelessly to pitch Starling to friends and family and achieving a hard-earned 2/5 hearts.

Why is there a referral scheme with no reward at the end of it? Seems odd and a little misleading.


When Starling was invite only, it was launched as a way of tracking how many of the 5 invites they gave everyone had been used by you. I think the first 1000 people or something to get to 5 referrals got some socks, nothing massive.

They just never took it away when general access came.


I got 5 hearts multiple times when they issued me with new codes. My reward was my own personal satisfaction…though some free chocolate would have been happily accepted :wink:


I have to agree. In this era of bank-switching cash incentives, I’d have thought there would be some sort of reward for a successful referral. I’ve had £100 out of Nationwide twice now after recommending friends (and they got £100 each too).


What would you want as a referral incentive? I’ve probably referred around 15 people to Starling all who have told me how much it’s helped them with their fianaces. This for me is enough.


I’d much rather have starling spend any referral money to develop what is already a great experience rather than trying to bribe people to join. It was the experience alone that convinced me to join, not a financial incentive, that’s how it should be.


@Cragmireuk @Joe_Merriman that’s awfully noble of you both, but I want some socks.

It’s just an observation that the current scheme seems a little odd, to have a personal referral code and a system that counts your referrals but then not giving you anything? it seems misleading, I understand it came about from previous incentive schemes but if there is no longer one then why does it still exist.

I personally love Starling and all of its features, but when you talk to other people about it, you soon learn that generally everyone is a sceptic, particularly with financial products. So it’s hard to sell on merit alone.


:joy: made me laugh :joy:


When I first joined Starling back in middle of last year, when I got 5 hearts, I got a Starling t-shirt sent to me! Don’t mean to rub it in! :wink: But that was when they were new and trying to gain support from us early adopters.
It would be nice though if you got some sort of note or something though.


I think the invite system, with stars, became redundant when sign up opened to all.

Ideally, it should now be replaced with just a “share” button.


If I remember correctly, there was a Black Friday offer for those with 5 or more referrals. I think it was 10% cashback for any card purchases. Maybe they’ll do something similar this year.


I think the incentive is to get that warm, fuzzy feeling inside knowing that you, your family and your friends get to experience this wonderful bank and everything we offer. Maybe that’s just me?


Again, I’m glad a warm, fuzzy feeling inside is enough for you.

I, however, would prefer that warm fuzzy feeling to be on my feet, provided by free Starling socks.


I’m not even sure if the referral ‘scheme’ is working anyhow. I referred my Dad. I watched him use my code. I have no hearts.

It’s poor in my opinion. There should be some kind of reward.


Hey, what type of reward and why? The fact you’ve recommended someone to Starling is great, but for me the hope it will help them manage their finances better is enough for me.


Playing devils advocate for a second, I’ve found it very tough going talking to people about a new bank.

Despite the buzz and excitement on these forums, the general population just don’t care enough about graphs and data (from my experience).

With legacy banks offering a better mobile service day by day, I don’t think it’s beyond the realms of possibility, that Starling will need to incentivise people to switch across.

Obviously Monzo has had huge success with word of mouth, as has Starling to a degree. I’m sure the “need”for incentivising is very far down the line, but the only way I’d be able to get friends and family to move to Starling, would be if it was worth their while somehow.


Fair points raised @nickhoward I’ve probably referred about 15 people or more to Starling on the basis it will help them with their finances.


My thoughts exactly. My parents spend half the year in Spain so Starlings free fees abroad and MasterCard rate were incentive enough for my Dad. But the average Joe??..


It is still amazing that when it comes to FinTech banking people are able to talk about it without a problem.

You don’t overhear a conversation of 2 people talking about Lloyds vs NatWest but you’ll commonly hear a Monzo vs Starling convo/argument.

I found Starling before I moved to the UK and knew it was going to be one of the first accounts I opened. Mobile banking and being cashless is the way I’ve been for a few years now.

The whole ‘switch bonus’ thing is brand new to me as well. Almost a bribe to join another bank :grin:


Not everyone is after an insensitive to switch though, I know many people who have switched as the product is better.