Reference number


Would it be possible in payments, to make a payment that I did not have to input the reference number every time?
I am specifically thinking of my Lloyds bank credit card payment. When I want to pay it, I go to pay on the app, click on the last payment to the credit card, which already has the reference number, click pay, I then put an amount in, then I have to enter the 20 digit reference number again.
Putting a 20 digit number is not easy, one wrong digit and somebody else gets my payment.
By all means make it so that it is possible to change the reference number if needed, but that it defaults to the previous reference number.
Hope this makes sense. Maybe there is a way of doing this and I just have not found it. I have not been with Starling very long. I realise I could set up a DD but I would rather pay it as and when.


I believe this is sort of already implemented with Android as the references box shows a list of past references which you can choose from. However, iOS is still awaiting an overhaul of its payment screens so doesn’t yet have anything like it, unfortunately.


Yes it is sorts on android as I can choose previous reference when sending a payment across.