Recurring Payments Notifications (iOS)



So the recurring payments that automatically go into our joint account are showing a duplicate notification on my iPhone home screen.

X 3 payments = 6 Notifications
iPhone 8 Plus
App version 0.50.0
iOS 11.4

I’ve captured a screenshot if required.



Looks like a few reports via the community of notification issues.


All my recurring payments went out as normal, but didn’t receive any notifications for them leaving my account


I’m referring to Notifications not the actual transaction. Transactions went out as normal but received 6 Notifications, should have been 3.


Ah I see, I received no notifications for transactions, the only notification I did receive was my intrest coming in.


Also on iPhone 8 Plus, 11.4 latest app update


I should add the Notifications I recieved duplicates on were outbound regular payments from Starling.