Receiving USD salary to my Starling account


Hi there

I am a newbie to Starling and cannot find the info I am looking for on the forum but please feel free to direct me and close thread if this is an old and boring topic :slight_smile:

I will soon be receiving my monthly salary in USD and wondered what the best way to get this into my Starling account? I do humanitarian work so my payments will be coming from South Sudan and not a US bank so I understand that a Transferwise Borderless USD account will be no good for this?

If anyone has any advice on how best to do this (i.e. avoiding fees/poor exchange rates) it would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks in advance


I should clarify that my accounts are based in GBP. Thanks


I had the same question since I was receiving my salary in SAR (The same idea) so I gave the company my bank details and prayed to god that my salary will come through :joy: and it did. So I guess that you won’t have any issue using your starling bank details and your salary would come through. Good luck


Thanks for the response! That is reassuring but my worry is that I am not going to have internet access to fix it should there be an issue.

I spoke with Transferwise as I thought the Borderless account could be a good middle ground but they said they don’t take any payments from South Sudan :frowning:


Other options maybe Monese or Revolut to consider


If you are not a US citizen this should be easily put right, it’s the jurisdiction of the transaction that matters from a tax perspective and you should take professional advice.


Sorry. I do not understand your post. All other posts in this thread relate to receipt of foreign currency funds or salary. None mention tax. None mention nationality or FACTA reporting obligations. Therefore, can you clarify the point you are making?


Hi Nicholas, at the moment we’re able to accept international payments (SWIFT) in EUR and GBP. Can I double check you expect this payment in USD, or will it be converted before sending?

It’s probably a good idea to drop our CS team an in-app message so we can discuss this fully with you. :blush:


Hi Alexandra, I am in an almost identical situation:

  • Paid in USD
  • USD are not converted before sending
  • Transferred by SWIFT

I spoke to CS in app and on the phone and it seems it just isn’t possible to receive USD like this atm. It is the single biggest blocker to me using the account full time as I still have to receive my salary in my legacy (high street) bank account and transfer money to Starling.