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This may seem like a dumb question, as I am use to these things simply working, but I have a client in Hungary who I invoice in Hungarian Forints, will they be able to pay this into my Starling Business account (when I have one)? So HUF to GBP?

And if so, any charges or things to worry about? I could possibly invoice them in EUR if it is easier

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The last comment I read from Starling staff was:

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Hi thanks @MIROW for sharing Patrick’s original comment.

You’re absolutely right for now our accounts are GBP and so we can only receive GBP into your account. If the bank that you send money from, in this case a Hungarian bank in HUF, converts the amount into GBP before sending then we will be able to receive it. They can send this to your account using your IBAN and BIC which you’ll find in the Account Details section.

If however the sending bank doesn’t handle the conversion we won’t be able to receive and deposit the money to you. In this case the payment will be rejected and returned.

If you invoice your client in EUR and they send a EUR payment to your GBP account we will convert the amount received in to GBP before depositing it to your account on the same day. We convert the EUR received using a rate set for the day – this is based on the global foreign exchange market but is not the real or mid-market rate like our outbound international transfers. This means if you send EUR to your Starling GBP account you will likely receive less GBP than you might expect based on a mid-market calculation.

We would therefore recommend you wait until we have our EUR accounts launched to receive EUR from your client.


Thanks @sarah.guha for a clear explanation


@sarah.guha Very clear answer, thank you very much.


Love the fact that Starling are saying hold off doing your transaction as we will charge you more. What legacy bank would say don’t send it because we will take a bigger chunk of it from you and you will end up with less? Fair play to starling for this.


Thanks @Grant_Graham - appreciate your kudos. Just to confirm we don’t currently charge you a fee for this service, but the exchange rate will just likely be less favourable for you.


Sorry Sarah, I’ve not used international payments before and this bit confused me.

The first half says ‘if the payment from the sending bank isn’t GBP the transaction will be rejected’.

The second half says ‘if your client sends an EUR payment to your account we will handle the conversion and deposit the GBP into your account, minus whatever is lost to the exchange rate’

What’s the difference between payment from bank, and payment instructed by a client?

Context: Like a naive fool I put money into coinbase with a debit card and just assumed I’d be able to get it out the same way. Turns out to get money out requires a bank transfer to/from Estonia. Lesson learned.


Any other currency other than GBP and EUR will be rejected if you try to send it into your GBP Starling account.

There isn’t any difference between a sending bank or client (your client will use a bank). Some banks will automatically convert transactions into GBP if the receiving bank is a GBP one, whilst others won’t - so it’s always worth checking.

For example the bank in Estonia, might handle the exchange into GBP before sending to your Starling GBP account. In this case we would receive GBP and deposit your account. If however they send us Estonia kroon we won’t be able to receive it.

Hope this helps.


No such currency as EEK any more…they have used the EUR for the last few years.

However to clarify if it was sent in Polish Zloty for example it would be returned, so make sure it sent in GBP or EUR.


Oops my mistake, I quickly googled that one!

If it’s EUR and that is sent to your GBP Starling account, then yes we would handle the conversion.


Thanks Sarah, very clear.


Hi there

I would like to know whether Starling Bank, upon receiving a payment from a foreign bank in another currency, does Starling Bank automatically covert the foreign currency into GDP and deposits the amount in British pounds into the account? I believe this is what high street banks do as opposed to refusing and sending back the payment.

I assumed that as Starling Bank accounts have an IBAN number, they could receive international payments from all over the world.

Please could you clarify

Thanks a lot for your help


Starling only accept incoming international transfers in GBP and EUR.

Any other currency other than GBP and EUR will be rejected if you try to send it into your GBP Starling account.


This post suggests that transfers from foreign currency banks into Starling Bank will be accepted by converting the currency into GDP. This makes more sense seeing that Starling Bank has an IBAN number and SWIFT code.

Please can Starling Bank confirm this. I would like to send an amount from a Saudi Arabian Bank in Saudi Riyals (using SWIFT) into my Starling Bank account. As I mentioned above, high street banks normally convert the foreign currency into GDP before depositing it into the UK account. The link to another post on this forum suggested that Starling Bank does the same thing which is logical.


Starling have already confirmed it…


I got 3 payments done in USD, they bounced back and 2 weeks later the money hasn’t reached the sender yet


Is the ability to receive payments from other foreign currencies for example using the SWIFT network on the road map for Starling Bank?

This feature is essential to me to make Starling Bank a primary current account in my opinion.



I hope so too. None of the alternatives are good.

  • traditional banks with ugly fees and uglier rates
  • transferwise borderless, very limited currencies/country-of-origin SWIFT support.
  • revolut business, not the best customer support, and you might get blocked for no reason during undefined amounts of time. high monthly fee
  • worldfirst, like transferwise but their fees are high for small transactions


has anyone tried currenxie for currency accounts and receiving payments?