Receiving euros


Any chance of advice here? I have transferwise borderless account which I use to receive euros and change into sterling. Is it worth it to dump this and give my starling bank iban and bic to receive euros? And if so how much difference is it to using borderless. What I understand there are no fees from euro to euro account. I’m not too sure about euro to gpb account. Any insights would be great. Thanks a bunch.


last time I received EUR on my Starling account it was exchanged at 1.78%. you are better of using transferwise or revolut to receive the EUR and transfer GBP to your daily GBP account.

Starling is working of providing EUR currency accounts too, and avoid the automatic exchange on arrival.

if you decide to use revolut, be careful to check (and possibly raise) your top up limit.


That is really helpful. Thanks a bunch. I’m going to stick with TW. Cheers for that.