Reccuring savings to goals not working



For some reason I can’t get reccuring savings to goals to work. I set a Daily 2 pound save to a goal, I see in the goal screen that there’s “Upcoming” for 2 pound set for tomorrow, and the next day there is nothing saved to the goal and the reccuring setting has disappeared as well.

Any idea what’s going on here? I assume there’s a bug.



Which platform, Tom?


Android 7.0

May or may not be related - there is no target set for the goal. Maybe the software automatically stops when a goal is reached, an no goal is treated as a goal of 0?


Give it a whirl and let us know?


The test is already set up, but we’ll only have results tomorrow. :slight_smile:

If that is indeed the case, do you think it’s possible to fix the code to treat “No Target” as “Unlimited Target”? I think it makes more sense than a target of 0. That’s for your PMs to decide though, I guess.


I have a daily £1 recurring payment to a goal that has no target. However, mine have been successful. Sounds like you’ve discovered a bug.


I agree. Not all savings necessarily have an endpoint.

Something for the team to consider?


I really don’t think the lack of target is the issue here. It’s fine for me.


If it works for you then it’s not a design issues.

Probably a bug. Let’s wait for input from Starling’s team.


Have you raised with support via the app? More likely to respond there than here on the forum.



It’ll be picked up now through the @StarlingSupport link.


Can they tie the user back to their account that way?


The team will see this thread and have the opportunity to engage with @Tom_Cohen as appropriate.


Good evening everyone!

It has been logged with the team and we are looking into it.

I will check back tomorrow when @Tom_Cohen posts his update.

Until then, shout if you need anything


Adding a target worked!

So at least I have a workaround until the bug-fix. Hopefully it will help the team to zero in on where the bug is as well.


Thank you for letting us know. I will pass this on and add it to the list :grinning:


Thanks Logan! :slight_smile:
And thank the dev team for me.