Rearrange Goals


It’ll be useful if we could rearrange Goals, and nice if you guys provided some built in graphics to cover some general goals.


Agreed - this has been raised before but I will raise it with the team again :slight_smile:


I second this, plus…

…while making any changes to goals, could someone consider adding a ‘delete photo’ option? It can be changed once set, but cannot be removed without deleting and re-adding the goal.


I’m loving the flexibility of goals. It would be great to be able to re-order goals


I agree, rearranging goals would be useful.


I also agree. Being able to rearrange the goals would be very useful indeed!


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The goals concept is great but I feel this can be taken even further. You could create pooling of funds. So for example my fuel budget per month is £250. Could I move that from my main account into a budget section like goals but every time I pay for fuel it go’s from there and not the funds in main part of account. As with the app being real-time and knowing where I’ve spent the money this would be a more in depth awesome feature that would take budgeting to a new level. I.E main account £1000 fuel budget £250. Transaction made for £30 for fuel. End of this app showing main account £1000 fuel budget showing £220. Then if this runs low or not enough show auto pooling to draw that cash from main account


ooh - do you mean if you set aside a goal fund for fuel at the start of each month - say £250, and then every time you fill up, it somehow knows to take from that goal, rather than your normal balance? That would be great!

I wonder if this could be done with categories somehow?


Yes, that’s it.


it will give greater control of money and budgets and help you monitor spend better. also if the app could know how much i top up every time so when that fund is running low get a notification asking do i want top the fund up


I would like to assign DDs and SOs to goals. That way I can have a car goal and budget for insurance, tax, MOT and fuel.


I too would love to rearrange goals as goal importance can change so having the important ones at the top is handier.

I love the idea of setting a budget for fuel as has been suggested, but I think as @AndyBarratt said, doing it from categories would work best. If you could choose your spending category and set a limit to it. Then when you get close to or hit your limit you get a notification warning you. That way no money is having to switch between your main account and goals, but you can still keep an eye on budgeting regular spends like fuel or food.


A little unrelated to reorganisation but still to do with how goals are presented, I’d like to see some alternative view options on the goals screen.

Whilst the current layout is attractive, it doesn’t take many goals before scrolling is necessary to see them. I’d like to see a more compact option(s).

So, perhaps the same as now but with each goal taking less height; a tile based layout in a two or three column grid; and/or, a basic list.

This would allow for an easier at-a-glance summary and comparison for those with many goals, with a reduced need to scroll up and down, particularly if this was combined with the ability to arrange and sort goals.


Rearranging goals is an enhancement on our list, so when time and capacity allows we’ll certianly try to add this. We are also looking to add Google search for images to make customisation more easy.


Built in google search is a great idea, would it automatically pre-generate a request in the image search engine for images that are the correct proportions / sizes for the app or not?


Image search is interesting but (and I’m sure this is being considered) it needs to be done with care to prevent the user pulling through whatever image they like regardless of copyright and usage rights. Results would probably need to be limited to a creative commons licence, and one where attribution is not required (unless consideration is given to displaying the attribution).

Alternatively, a small number of licensed stock images in the app might be good to cover common themes e.g., piggy bank, currency, Christmas, holiday, birthday, car, public transport, tax etc.


I don’t think it would matter for copyright when using the images. As they are only being used for personal use and no user is claiming ownership or making money from its use. Just like you can pull any image from the internet and use it for you own personal wallpaper on your phone.


Just because an image appears on the internet, that fact doesn’t automatically grant anyone any rights to its usage, be that personal or otherwise.

I know it happens with wallpapers and the like and it’s next to impossible to police, but that doesn’t make it right. To that end, when performing image searches, it’s reasonable that Starling restrict its searches to appropriately licensed images.

If a user wishes to use something else, they can do so with the current process, but at least obtaining restricted images is not then facilitated by Starling.