RBS - traditional bank, painful process


I’m sure there’s another thread that touches on this somewhere, but I couldn’t find it so thought I’d start a new one. Quick post to share my experience of trying to close an old RBS account today. I want to keep my other acocunt with them open, so Current Account Switch Service wasn’t an option - in which case the only way I can close my account with them is either to go into a branch or send a letter via snail-mail. So frustrating! It’s not even like I want to close all of my accounts with them, and the balance is zero but if was any money in the account I’d happily just have them transfer it to my other RBS account (so no real risk of fraud). It just makes no sense to me that in 2018, the big banks don’t provide a digital route for routine processes such as this. Another +1 for Starling :grinning:


On second thoughts, I guess I could use the CASS and “switch” the empty, unused account to Starling (even though there aren’t actually any Direct Debits, Standing Orders or balance to transfer), and that way it would then be closed - would there be any disadvantage to doing that? I guess if I ever wanted to switch my other (main) RBS account to Starling in future, I couldn’t do a second switch? :thinking: (I am aware I could just buy a stamp and post a letter :laughing:)


I switched an almost empty account with another bank to Starling the other day. No DD or SO just a few quid. Worked fine.

As far as I’m aware you can use CASS multiple times.


Thanks! Good to know :slight_smile:


No worries you can clarify the multiple CASS with @StarlingSupport but once mine was done the screen gives me another option to do another CASS.


I switched an old account I don’t use, the reason I switched there may have been someone with the old details that I didn’t notify, so that way at least for a couple of years I wasn’t going to miss out on anything.

There is no limit to how many accounts you switch.


That’s a really good point, I hadn’t thought of that - I can’t imagine why I would have any future transactions on that account, but it’s a good added safety net.


You can switch as many current accounts as you like using CASS; I migrated two accounts to Starling back in May 2017.

And I realise this is stating the obvious, but CASS only switches current accounts (not savings or anything else). I guess it’s called the Current Account Switching Service for a reason :wink: