Randomly Ordered Annual Interest Statement


On the annual Interest statement can you update the order so that is shows in some sort of sensible order?
Ideally I would like it to be monthly from oldest to newest.

It also seems like this section gives the total of the credit Interest earned minus the debit Interest charged but for different months.

For example my August amount is the net of my August Interest (applied 1st September minus my July overdraft charge applied 15th August) this seems quite strange as it’s over deferent date ranges.


Mine is in a totally different order to yours @Grant_Graham, and what’s more the sums do not add up either.

42p+6p+36p+25p = £1.09, not 67p :thinking:


Now that is random!

I only have 1 month in my list, so hadn’t noticed that yet.

But I think newest to oldest would make most sense, as you’ll generally be more concerned about what has happened recently, as opposed to months and months ago.


It seems that the August interest hasn’t been included in the ‘Paid’ sum? Has it been credited yet?


Yup: it was credited on Friday 1 September at midnight.


It’s quite a bit different on android.


That’s old mine shows like this on my annual statement.


Mine looks right to me, and adds up.


As @dave points out, the display is random. Easily fixed, I suspect :slightly_smiling_face:


A fix for this random ordering is in progress. Sorry for that! :slight_smile:


Cheers James.


Just a reminder that this is still happening.

December is between May and June on my statement.


Mine is worse than that


Thanks - I believe that @sarah.guha is on this one and a fix will be in place soon! :slight_smile:


Quite apart from the bizarre ordering of the months, it’s also still not adding the interest correctly. According to my old-fashioned desk calculator I’ve been paid £3.16 in interest, not £1.89 as the app claims.


@Rob could you please raise this interest discrepancy with our customer service team so we can look at your account directly? Thank you.


Done @sarah.guha. Incidentally, this is obviously not just affecting me… I noticed from @Brian’s screen-shot above that he’s earned £0.24 interest whereas the app is showing £0.12.


I suspect the total in the app is not updating correctly, could I ask you to reopen the screen and see if it refreshes? Thank you.



As you suggested, after refreshing the screen it appears to have updated correctly. Thanks.

I won’t mark this thread as resolved as the original objective was the random order of the months in the statement list.


What’s the path to see this on the iPhone version of the App please? Can’t seem to find it at the moment… Thanks in advance!