Raisin UK - Coming to Marketplace?


An interesting read:

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Look forward to seeing it rolled out.

I’m not even going to mention about the fact that it’s not an official Starling press release…


Raisin is an interesting company, its changed a fair bit from its initial offering.


To be fair the fact that it isn’t is what makes it fine to me. This is clearly Raisin’s press release, if they decided to do one before Starling could either do their own, or tell us, that’s no one’s fault but Raisin’s. If it was a Starling thing i’d feel they should have told us, but despite the fact that they’ve obviously asked for a quote from Anne at some point, this is their release so who knows if it’s been released earlier than agreed.



True, there are always 2 sides to a partnership like this - Can’t remember the other one where Meghan came on and said “it’s their press release… we aren’t ready” - Or words to that effect.

I’m just surprised it keeps happening - Starling are obviously working overtime on bringing partners to the service (which I’m very happy with) - I just think they should toot their own horn a bit more!

Even if it’s a “This is what we hope to bring you this month” - Or something!

Obviously you don’t want to over promise (Post Office…) - But Starling should shout a bit louder about their partnerships!


Indeed, it was on Twitter and had been ‘liked’ by Starling. Perhaps it’s their new way of not bothering to issue their own press release :wink:


I also noticed on the funding page for the bill monitoring app onedox they said they have an agreement with a challenger bank which I can only guess is starling. Would make sense with there being a bill monitoring section in the marketplace.

Don’t obviously want to spoil future announcements but the information is out there.


We’re very excited about our partnership with Raisin UK, which was announced today. Raisin UK issued a press release and, simultaneously, we issued our own release, which explained that the partnership with Raisin UK is part of a wider move by Starling to move into Banking-as-a-Platform. There’s a piece about it in Altfi and another in Finextra.

We do not generally preview media announcements in the Community. We want to get the maximum exposure in the media for our press releases to help raise awareness of our brand and our products, so that we can grow and prosper. Journalists do not always want to report on things they’ve seen written up on our Community, so, as a rule, we tell the media first. It’s how we get maximum impact.

We’re sorry if some Community members find this disappointing, but we believe it’s best for Starling. It is perfectly normal business practice based on sound commercial principles.

Sometimes, with Marketplace partnerships, we leave it to our partners to put out the press release, although we cooperate with them to write it and we agree on timings, but we do not dictate to them how they distribute it.

Community Feedback

Hi @Alexandra_Frean,

Whilst I fully appreciate your response - It seems to have come out of no where.

This has been brought up numerous times before, and Starling simply said “We’ll try harder to communicate better with the community” - Which is the only reason I brought it up again.

If someone from Starling had said what you’ve just said back at the beginning (when the point of Starling information being found on FinTech websites before Starling themselves had announced anything) - I’m sure no one would have an issue.

Thank you for clarifying.


Happy to be of help.


This was something we discussed yesterday when we visited Starling.


That’s great - But obviously the message hadn’t been passed on.

Perhaps you could do an overview of anything the community could benefit from?


As a suggestion, maybe there should be a new thread (started by a Starling staff member) when such an announcement is made - with a link to such announcement (official or though the press), so we know that it is ligitamate.

It shouldn’t be for the community to find an article, only for Starling to comment on it afterwards.


Joe, I think the arguement is consitancy.


Maybe it’s just me, but who would use this? Unless of course their limited number of providers have the best rates.


Weird that this is more a discussion on who announced it, rather than what it means for us?

I’m not convinced by Raisin. Just seems like you’re putting trust in a third party, adding a layer of potential complication, for what? The same rate and maybe a slightly easier way to move money from one bond to another? A saving of maybe 10 minutes a year or more.

What am I missing?


Snap, don’t get it myself, can see absolutely no reason to use them, they don’t have rates that aren’t available direct (or bettered elsewhere) - would you go through them for a mortgage with a bank at the same rate as is available direct with the bank… don’t think so.


Yep. I came close to opening an ICICI 1 year fixed saver with them, the more I thought about it the less it made sense other than the £50 bonus for signing up.

Didn’t bother in the end.


I did.

They have since changed the bonus eligibility criteria, so waiting to see i still get it.


£20 bonus for depositing £10k, I signed up to Moola this year when they offered £100 for depositing £1200. I really don’t see the incentive with Raisin