Question regarding Interest


Is there any info I can read up on Interest processing?

I’ve had an account for 2 months but never seen any credits regarding interest. Do you only get interest with Goals?

I have also opened (this month) a joint account and created various goals and moved cash into them.

When are interest runs posted? Is it on the first day of each month?


Interest is paid on your credit balance. Goals form part of that balance and it is indeed credited on the 1st day at 00.00hrs.


Thanks for confirming.

So a credit balance on 30th June should have created an Interest posting on 2nd July?


It’s the 1st at 00:00hrs. Or at least it is in my experience. Not the 2nd.

So it should be in your account almost straight away as the calendar flips to the 1st of the month.


If you go to Account Management > Account Information > Statements > Interest, you’ll see a breakdown of any interest paid each month.


Cheers Dan, I have checked and nothing there for the month of June. I have raised the issue with CS as they didn’t know why.

Incidentally, they have said they will send an in app message. I’ve not had one of those before. Do I get a notification if they have sent a message?


Yeah, if you receive a message from Customer Services then you’ll get a notification :+1:t2: