Push Notifications


Thanks for notifying us about the planned maintanince by notification. Much better.


I really like this, and it’s great to see the guys at Starling taking onboard the feedback around notifications.


Jeez I’m slow. Just got the notification and was about to post about it and there’s already a thread.

If they can do that with unplanned outages too it’d be great (obviously better if no unplanned outage though)


Thanks. We are definitely working on upgrades. Still more improvements to come.


As others have already said, thanks for including this. :slight_smile:


Didn’t see this? I’m on android?


This will be hugely welcomed - well played team😀


I’m on android and woke up to a startling notification.


I’m sorry you were startled by it :grin:

I didn’t get one…or I did and swiped it in error…


So did I, so I had to check it had happened. It had. :grinning:


Thank you, really appreciate it, you have given us plenty of time, I am impressed


Well done for this :+1:


I didn’t get a notification (iOS). This isn’t a complaint, just a data point.


I actually did get it. I screen shoted it and just forgot…


I have not got it yet. But I subscribe to the outage page so was aware of it.


Is there any intention of allowing us to look at historical notifications in the app?

I’m not just talking about outages, but notifications in general. I’ve sometimes accidentally dismissed a notification and then realised, but am not aware of a way to go back and see what it said.


This please! I just got the notification (after I posted on here) but the full text didn’t fit into the iOS (iPhone 5S) notification bubble, and when I tapped on it thinking it would open the details, it just opened the Starling app and the notification disappeared into the ether.

Like before, I like the enhancement, just some implementation gremlins :slight_smile:


I agree. This enhancement is quietly key. Just making it less easy to flick past and lose it will be most neat.


I just mine. :grinning:


This sounds like a great idea. Even if it was just last 7 days or something.