Push notifications on other cards


Not tried it yet - but I’ve just had an update for my American Express app. Looks from the description like they’ve started doing push notifications for card use!

They also seem to now have push notifications for everything, rather than text messaging.

Other banks (not a bank I know) are waking up!


Thanks @Pipefish that a legacy bank is copying the fin tech banks with notifications.


Good to see. Notifications AND earning cashback!


To be fair, Amex have been sending push notifications for transactions for quite a while now, certainly on IOS (edit: Since Apple Pay launched in UK, so July 2015). Up until this app update they sent a mix of transaction pushes and configurable texts for weekly summary, payments in etc. This update lets you choose between any combination of push/text/email for all options, so I’d say they’re ahead on this rather than following.
Must admit I was hardly awake when I opened this and was all set to call them about some fraudster buying coffee with my card…:grimacing:


If you link your Amex to Apple Pay it does automatic push notifications on purchases.

Great little function to spy on my partner and vice versa and to see what we are spending on :rofl: