Purple Dots in Customer Service List


What do they mean? I have 4 such conversations and I can’t see what they signify.


they have been read by someone at Starling :eyes:


I have this normally when I haven’t read a message


I read the message but the dots persist. Seems inconsistent to me


I have same issue normally they disappear after reading it


The dot should show for new messages from customer service that you have not yet read. We had an issue a few weeks ago where read messages we still showing an unread and the text was still purple. We pushed a fix for this a couple of weeks ago. Sounds like it has reappeared so we’ll get the team to take a look.

iOS or Android?


iOS for me


iOS me too


Ios for me


Ok thanks. We’ll look at it.


This seems to have started since the last update. In any case it has happened with every message I have sent customer services since Monday but prior to that the dot does not show.


These unread purple dots still appear in the latest version released today for iOS (v 0.27.0). Is this being looked into?


@Rob We are looking at this today and believe we have a fix. It should be released with the next update.
Apologies for the wait and thanks for flagging it to us again.


Glad to know this is being looked into. I noticed this and it is somewhat confusing. Any rough ideas when the next update is due out?


I had this today. A purple circle containing three dots. It hung about at the top right of the app, even after I read the message. When I exited the app, it was still there! It eventually disappeared but I was unable to get rid of it myself.


From your description I think this is different to the original topic of this thread which was about a dot indicating a new message.

The circle with three dots displays when you close a live chat window without actively ending the chat. It’s the minimised state of your open chat window and because we have extended our time outs if you don’t end the chat the minimised state will persist. You can tap and move the purple minimised state around on the screen, to continue to use the app and keep your chat open, or tap end chat to get rid of it. The issue with the end chat button not being visible has been fixed today and will in Monday’s release.