Purge old Customer Service messages


Would love to be able to archive or delete old customer service messages from the app :slight_smile:

Disable the in-app chat recap after ending a support chat
Remove old customer service messages

I’d like an ability to archive messages but don’t want to see them deleted. It is useful to be able to review customer service messages from the past.

One thing that would help in the mean time would be if the purple dots actually worked properly and only showed on new messages. Has there been any progress on this?


Hey - Thanks for this. I’ve just passed this suggestion on to the team and it’s now being looked in to. :blush:


I agree good idea :bulb:


I feel an “Archive” feature would be better than a purge… Who knows when you will want to go check what CS said when you get some similar issue in the future! :wink:


Totally agree with you!
Would be a lot easier to “hide” our messages but able to see them
When and as needed


I would like this option too.