Pulse interaction


After the introduction of the awful button for transactions, supposedly based on feedback and data showing people were struggled to find the transaction data, I just wondered what the data was for people interacting with pulse. It is just a daily view of transactions which is repeated again in transactions so I’d be interested to know how often people actually interact with it. Official stats would be good. For me it is very rarely.


I think that’s a difficult one to put into numbers because you can’t really interact much with it, other than to look at it and go “ooh”.

I personally think it’s a good starting point though for loading up. As a homepage it allows you to quickly glance at your balance and see what’s gone out for the day. Have you paid that bill? How much did you spend in total when you were dragged round IKEA, Asda and Boots? For me personally that it’s my main reason for opening the app, maybe 85% of the time, and I don’t need to see anything else, so pulse kinda works. That is why I think the swipe for transactions worked so well also. Just a quick flick from anywhere. Since they’ve forced the change I keep swiping repeatedly and fruitlessly before realising and pressing the ugly green button. (they did change “on” and “at” back after we all hated it so I’m confident they’ll do the right thing)

I can see, for budgeting reasons, people wanting weekly options on pulse. But I like it fact that everything else is neatly put away and the home screen is clear and clean. I’d really rather transactions were kept a swipe away. If they put transactions on the home screen then they might as well put scheduled direct debits, just to check, and potential payees, for ease of access, and everything else too, until it’s a hideous mess of numbers, lists, graphs and charts!!

Alternatively… keep the pulse and just let us swipe up! :joy:

Thank you all for reading. It’s helping me take my mind off the fact that I’m in a taxi at half two in the morning and the driver seems half asleep and his driving is TERRIFYING and I don’t think he knows the way and I’m not convinced of the structural integrity of his car, but if I say anything I will greatly delay my arrival home!!

If I don’t make it, my dying wish is for Starling to release DDs from a goal ASAP! :joy: :joy: :joy:


I would like to add though that I don’t actually NEED pulse. Notifications tell me I’ve paid stuff. I use it because it’s there. But I’d still rather that on the homescreen than loads of information.

If they came up with a widget for my balance I’d probably use it even less.

Still alive… Just…


I find Pulse utterly superfluous. Would much rather some more meaningful data, such as funds left until next pay day etc.


I MADE IT! :grin::grin::grin::tada::balloon::confetti_ball:

I do quite like the sound of that. But I do have a question though… (and not, why aren’t you asleep? :joy:)

If they unleashed DDs from a goal, so you could actually separate and protect your already allocated amounts, would you still need a “funds left” feature?


@ItsPaul congratulations on your continuing existence. That said, it’s a little selfish… the rest of us might have had DDs from Goals if you’d kicked the bucket :joy:


The first thing I do is ignore it. Then I swipe up to see transactions. Then I remember that no longer works and click the new button.

For me, Pulse and spending insights are of no value. Pulse tells me things that are also in the transaction list. Insights is useless as the categories don’t suit my needs, and I can’t be bothered reclassifying every transaction (into the closest for my needs, not necessarily the categories I want). It would not be so bad if future transactions for the same vendor inherited the category I’d assigned to previous transactions from them, but they don’t. It’s a lot of manual effort for no reward.


For me, the pulse is a waste of space. The only useful thing on the home screen is the balance. I understand though that some people do like the pulse, and with a week vie it may be more useful.

I’d rather see a widget style home screen, that is customisable. That way you could see the things you want to see straight away. For example, I might choose to have one of my goals displayed on my home screen, when my next DDs are coming out, quick links to the marketplace, or a particular payee I regularly make payments to.


I like the pulse I think it’s simple and effective for my needs, I.e. what have I spent today and is the first thing I see once logged in. As said though in many other posts it does need enhancing, week view, month etc revolut have recently introduced a nice graph on their home screen which would potentially look good on the starling home screen alongside the pulse


I use pulse all the time, I think I probably use the transacation list once a week if that - usually to look back and check how much I paid for something a few days ago.
The pulse screen gives me a very quick view of where I stand right now, today. It would definitely be improved by providing a toggle between merchants and categories and the ability to show today/week/month.


Is this on Android? iOS still has swipe up as well as a tappable arrow.


Yeah, Android. There’s a load of comments about it on the release thread.