Pulse - how should it evolve?


Being able to see the months spending totals at different merchants or by category is great but it would be really good to be able to swipe the pulse breakdown to one side to show the previous days spending in the pulse breakdown graphic - perhaps with the ability to go back up to one week with multiple swipes?

Disable "circle" graph and go straight to transaction list

Awesome suggestion Henry! I’ll make sure the product team see this. :raised_hands:


Cheers James.


I think it would be great to have a weekly insight as well - so Pulse notification every Sunday highlighting the key spending, waiting for a month is just too long. (Can allow users to set their preference; daily, weekly or monthly)


Would prefer if you could set pulse to a customer range - ie a day, a week, 4wks or a month.

Would also like it to be smaller on the homescreen and show the last couple of transactions as a list without sliding up - which would be especially useful if it wasn’t just set on that day.


I think lots of the ideas are great, all I’d ask is to still try and keep it simple and easy to see what we need to and use. You don’t want to ruin the app and make it useless and complicated.


Could pulse show the tags for each colour by default please?


Hi lee-am you mention ie a day, a week, 4wks or a month. I’m really interested in how you use each of these, or which is most useful to you when reviewing your spend? Can you elaborate a bit more on your thoughts processes when you check your account?


Brian, I couldn’t agree more - we don’t want to kitchen sink it to the point that it doesn’t become useful. What do you feel is your primary need?


Hi anish, That makes sense - can you tell me more about how you use each of these timeframes to understand your finances? Is weekly your primary way of thinking about your spend, can you perhaps talk us through some of your weekly habits of checking your account, what goes through your head and what do you do based on what you see?


Hi Henry, Great topic you’ve started here! Can you tell me what you find useful about seeing yesterdays spend?

When you say tags for each colour? Do you mean if the pulse showed your spend by category?


I really like the Pulse just displaying my daily spend… lots of great ideas though.


Maybe a swipe left or right to have a day, week, month as a carousel.


Why @Joe_Merriman? Can you elaborate on why it’s useful for you?


I monitor my daily spend mostly and we have the insights to see a more detailed view on our spending, so I don’t think we need the same information in multiple places in the App. How about If you Force Touch the Pulse you get a more detailed view?


We have a pie chart with “£xx.xx spent today”, this means if I’ve spent a lot today, I’m aware of it and will be cautious in terms of budgeting for the rest of the day but as soon as the clock hits 12 it resets and I forget about my purchases from yesterday (unless I want to scroll for the previous transactions, which most don’t want to). This means the psychological limit imposed on myself is no more and I start spending without looking at the potential impact it will have on me by the end of month.

Weekly budgeting is my primary way of budgeting due to the fact that you can split a month’s salary into 4 weeks and live off well. At the moment I have to manually calculate it by looking at the transactions, some might prefer the daily pulse chart so giving user’s the freedom to personalise their home screen might be a good thing


Perhaps swipe left to right to view historically - maybe yesterday > last week > last month

And swipe right to left for a ‘projected’ view tomorrow > next week > next month taking into account known or predicted debits and credits that are upcoming?

The default view could remain ‘Today’…

A bit like Time Travel on the Apple Watch


@sarah.gilbert I visualised it working like David has explained. The pulse graphic itself is central to the Starling experience and it would be great if we could leverage that graphic to display additional days of data. Quite frequently I like to check back on how much I spent yesterday in order to budget going forward, especially after the weekend and being able to swipe the pulse view backwards in time would be really helpful. Equally it would be cool to be able to switch the tags from merchants to categories by tapping the graphic like we do to show/hide them currently. Perhaps being able to choose between the pulse view for spending insights and the table view would also help those users who like to budget over a week/month etc…?


Daily amount spent is useless to me. What I want to know is if I have enough to last me until payday. Do I need to slow down my spending? How much can I spend per day?


+1 on budgeting for remaining spend until payday.

I would love the category spend reporting to include targets, meaning that we could set goals for each budget category and an overall spend allowance for the month.