Pulse displaying an Other category today


I had 4 payments to Wealthify leave my account this morning - 1 x £30 and 3 x £10. They are all categorised as “Savings” and all appear under the name “Wealthify” in the transaction list and on the Spending screen.

On the Pulse, these are displayed as £30 to Wealthify and £30 to “Other”.

Can this be corrected please? I haven’t come across this issue before.

I did open a chat but the agent was unable to resolve it - they are going to raise it at 9am when the appropriate people are in and get back to me via email.

"Other" on Pulse

Can @StarlingSupport look into this please? I know one of your chat agents was going to pass it on but I haven’t heard anything as yet.



I’ve contacted @StarlingSupport again through the app and this is the response:

"At present as the £30 was the highest payment so this has been categorised as Wealthify, because the other payments were for smaller amounts these have gone into the other category.

At present this isn’t something we are able to amend for you.

We will take the feedback on board."

This is a blatant bug. All that’s required is to add the amounts up and display them under the one label. I’m very surprised it doesn’t work this way. They all have the correct merchant name, absolutely ludicrous to label three of them as “Other”.

The fact that three out of four are added together to get the total sum to display as “Other” means the logic is already in place!


Just looked at my pulse… It’s just bundled in two of my payments together. I’ve never known it do that before. It put my water bill and the chocolate bar I bought this morning from a vending machine into one amount and called it “other”. I was really confused as I didn’t recognise the amount pulse was showing. Is this how it is going to work now? What determines what it decides to bundle together? Is there a transaction value that determines whether or not you think a payment is important enough to tell me what it is? (my water bill is small because I over paid by about a trillion pounds)

I’m not hugely affected by pulse changing because I very rarely use it. But I do like to know what things are doing and why.

(oh, and vending machines that accept cards are the enemy! For years I’ve been using the fact I don’t carry cash as a substitute for genuine will power! :tired_face::tired_face:)


It’s definitely a bug @ItsPaul - I’ve never seen “other” on the Pulse before. I would like to think Starling will fix this ASAP. If not, then what’s the point of the Pulse?

@sarah.guha - just wondering if you’ve been made aware of this following my chat with CS earlier?


Oh ok.

I wasn’t sure if they’d just decided to bundle small things together. I could understand if someone makes a ton of small transactions all day, buying sweets and beer and popcorn and a newspaper, some gum, etc etc, then pulse could be a giant mess. I figured they’d tried to neaten it up by sticking smaller things together as “other” and then only showing the bigger stuff. Whilst this might make sense, in a way, I really wouldn’t like it. But the big green button tells me Starling are happy to do things without telling people it’s going to change or seeing if people like what it’ll change in to.



Thanks for drawing my attention to this thread, I’m looking into this now. Can you confirm if you are both on Android devices?



Good afternoon. :blush:

I am on android.


Yes @sarah.guha, I’m on Android 8.1 (Pixel 2 XL).

As you can see above, in my case it has separated 4 transactions to the same merchant, listing one of them correctly and all the others as “Other”.


Thanks both, I have checked your transactions via our customer service team and everything seems to have the correct merchants and categories assigned, and all of the transactions you mention are present. I’m now going to chat to our Android team, I’ll come back to you shortly.


Thanks @sarah.guha


Hi there,

Thanks for your patience, I wanted to make sure I had the right information from our dev team in order to confirm that this is intended behaviour and not a bug in our application.

We have logic in the Pulse which orders or moves the position of your transaction on the Pulse so that the transaction labels can either be displayed fully, or so that they don’t overlap one another. This avoids you having many labels which are unreadable.

Because today is the 1st of the month you probably have more transactions that you do on most other days and/or you might have merchants with long merchant names, and so this logic is coming into play in both of your cases.

  • The algorithm in the app first attempts to display all transactions in full.
  • If we have overlapping labels, it will then sort transactions by the amount and put the lowest value transaction in “Other”
  • We repeat this each time you make another transaction, so that you don’t end up with overlapping transaction labels.
  • We also check that the transaction labels fit within the screen size and apply the same repeated logic to move the lower value transactions into “Other”

This means you can end of up with more than one transaction grouped within “Other” on the Pulse but they will all be your lowest value transactions that day. Remember you can open your feed to see the full days transactions if you need a more in depth look than the glanceable spent today view the Pulse provides.

As some customers will be on devices with smaller screen sizes than others, you might see this logic more often than those on larger devices. Or if you have a larger font size it will also group into Other more often.

I hope this helps to clarify how the Pulse is displaying your transactions today.



Thanks @sarah.guha but my example is definitely a bug. The four transactions were all Wealthify. Instead of showing one as Wealthify and three as Other, they should have all been shown as Wealthify.

I get the logic you’ve described, that makes sense. But in this instance it’s handled my transactions incorrectly. I already have a Wealthify label on the Pulse - by adding Other it’s actually made it more crowded!


Here’s the fix @sarah.guha: in the 4-step process you’ve described, step 2 needs to be modified to group by label.

Edit: actually, you need to group by label in step 1 as well in order to correctly ascertain if there are too many labels.


Thanks @danmullen yes this could be a different way to handle it for sure. You get more into a classic pie chart where you group by merchant. Adding @Cristian so we can discuss this suggestion.


Think of it this way @sarah.guha… the current logic means that if I go to McDonald’s 10 times and there’s only room for 9 labels, I’ll see the most expensive transaction on the Pulse under “McDonald’s” and the total of the other 9 listed under “Other” (two labels in total). They should actually all be totaled up and listed under the single label of “McDonald’s”.

Hope that makes sense!


@sarah.guha @Cristian the required logic is already in the app - you group by merchant on the Spending tab. Pulse needs to work the same way.


This all makes sense. Thanks for a speedy explanation.


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