"Promoter" badge


Hi, can’t find any info on this. I just saw this badge and wondered how you get this badge? I can’t see “the invite button” on your user page as the badge mentions. Does this not exist? Is it a old badge that can’t be achieved any more? :confused:



And while I’m looking though these “badges” is there an Advanced Tutorial somewhere I am missing? :confused:
The “Licensed” badge seems to indicate there is but I can’t find one. :frowning:



@GazB don’t know as never seen any tutorials on here.


Hey @GazB. If you scroll the the bottom of this thread, there’s an invite button there. Using this should earn you a badge! :trophy:


@JamesPratley Nope! haha I just scrolled down and couldn’t see one so searched the page (in Chrome using “CTRL + F”) for “invite” and only found the entries in these posts. :confused:


You can’t see this? :open_mouth:


To start a tutorial message @discobot with the message “start new user”.

To start an advanced tutorial for the badge, use the message “start advanced user”


Hi! To find out what I can do, say @discobot display help.


Nope! :open_mouth:



Thanks @city_agent! Now I see the reply I realised that was the first msg that was sent to me! haha :smirk:


Oh my! :astonished:


@city_agent that did give me a cool certificate but NOT the “Licence” badge. :frowning: Is there an even more advanced tutorial!? :open_mouth:


No, I’ve tried different browsers and still don’t see an invite button either!?


I don’t think we have the option, might be something for an admin to look into.


Hi @JamesPratley I still can’t see that Invite option. :frowning: Did you find out if it is meant to be visible?


Ah - it may be dependant on your “trust” level. I’ll do some research on this later today! :nerd_face:


You should all be able to see the Invite button now :grin:


Yay! All working here. :slight_smile:


ALMOST! Something else is kinda broken now… Looks like just the wrong links or maybe a change to how it works when the username isn’t pass in the URL but still… :wink:


Yeah it’s not passing the user to the service route

404: while trying to load /user-badges/undefined.json