Product Updates on the Community



I wanted to post to acknowledge your feedback that the community has felt a bit like an echo chamber over the past week and we haven’t responded to your product questions as quickly as you’d like. The community has really grown over the last few months, and I have really noticed and increase in new threads and comments and discussions on older threads too. At the same time we’ve been exceptionally busy and so during our working day you might find the product team are not available quite as readily. We have set up @StarlingSupport as an alias to reach us if you have a burning question or issue on your account which is monitored by the product and customer service team as well so please feel free to use it to draw something to our attention. We also have a Slack integration to surface new conversations and comments in a Slack channel (where we spend a lot of our time) so hopefully this will help. I have responded to a few threads today but please @sarah.guha if I have missed anything and you’re still waiting for a Starling response.

In regards to an update on what we’re working on and what is coming next… we have across Starling been reviewing what we’ll focus on next and I will provide a update to you imminently. As suggested we’ll post a longer blog with some meat to it, so expect that soon.

There will be some topics where we know you want a feature (Joint Accounts, Round Up) but we haven’t yet committed to it or cannot confirm availability at this stage so we hope you understand we’ll let the thread build and flourish without jumping in too often. This helps to get more feedback and understanding of demand to inform future prioritisation.

And our gurus - please remember @Joe_Merriman, @Graham, @thom_horne, @Gallifreyangirl, @Ben and @MIROW are also there to help answer any questions they might be able to. For now let me know if you have any specific questions you want to ask and I will do my best to answer before the weekend.



The update is helpful @sarah.guha and I’m sure it is a challenge keeping up with the posts. New ideas and features I’m sure just have to go into the development hopper, but there are some things raised that I think are flaws in the existing product that really should be addressed with priority.

The fact that the spending totals in Categories and Merchants differ is an issue. A simple fix is to total ‘uncategorised’ transactions and show that in the Category spending summary. We should then be able to add a category to those uncategorized transactions. An example I have posted is a spend at Cafe Rouge. That’s uncategorized and I cannot add it to Eating Out. As a result, my Eating Out total is not accurate. That’s just one example. This maybe small, but it’s a flaw in the very fundamental product.

The total in Pulse is not the same as the total in a statement, because Pulse deducts goals, a statement doesn’t. The easy fix is to put a gaols total on Pulse. All balances are then the same.

So I think there’s a difference between prioritizing ideas, and prioritizing things that just aren’t quite right.

I hope that helps - it’s meant in that spirit.


Thanks @Paul_Offer - I agree on the balance totals front, we can certainly make this clearer on the main homescreen. And noted on the discrepancy between your spending insight category and merchant total - we’ll see what we can do to handle this more affectively.


Perfect. Thanks @sarah.guha. I believe Starling has the potential to be the market leader in mobile app-only banking - but the core product has to be flawless. I hope these small suggestions help.


Thanks @sarah.guha for the update. Absolutely understand, you have to prioritise what you believe is right - even if that means things are delayed to get them right.


Absolutely agree. You’ve got to get the basics right as a platform on which to build. I think Starling have a fabulous offering and I’ve personally chosen them over Monzo as my “day to day” bank, but of recent it does feel that chasing product development (e.g business accounts) as distracted from nailing what matters - the core offering.


Thanks for taking the time to acknowledge the feelings of the community @sarah.guha

Looking forward to the forthcoming blog post :grinning:


The ideal outcome. Thanks @sarah.guha