I’ve had messages from both yourselves and Monzo this morning that payments are being declined suggesting you’re both using the same processor (Wirecard). Is that right or is it just coincidental timing?

For some reason I thought you had built your own stack much like Monzo have done (for their current accounts). If you are using Wirecard, is that something you’re looking to move away from considering the issues they’ve had over the last few months?

[edit] it’s GPS that does the processing not Wirecard, sorry Wirecard!

Finally a bank that cares
POLL: Recent outage

I assume they built their own also instead of using Wirecard also … think Wirecard have proven to be unreliable


We are experiencing an issue this morning with cards, and other companies are also affected. You can get the latest update on the status of the issue here, where we will keep you updated.


No notifications but card works fine for me Tesco, Tesco Pay at Pump and TKmaxx - no probs today!


Thanks, Sarah. I know there are issues with multiple banks. This was more a question about the use of Wirecard.


+1 I expected Starling to have their own homegrown solution not use Wirecard.


No we don’t use Wirecard, we are a principal member of Mastercard. Any updates on the issue will be communicated via our status page ^.


Thanks, Sarah. Good to know. Must be a problem higher up the chain then :open_mouth:


Curve and Monzo have confirmed its fixed now


Both Monzo and Starling report things are working again now.

Would be interesting to know what happened. I have both cards as I thought, with separate backends, if one went down the other would still be up but that seemed not to be the case today :frowning:


Starling as well now.


Yes the issue is resolved We apologise if you experienced card issues today.


Seems a company called GPS were the cause on Monzo’s outrage. I guess Starling are also involved with them?

Monzo reported their current accounts were unaffected so hopefully soon I’ll have the resilience I was after :slight_smile:


Looks like it was GPS (Global Processing Services) that had an issue this morning…


Starling don’t use Wirecard but use GPS. Monzo are ditching GPS in favour of their own card processor when they launch. It would appear that Starling haven’t done the same.

I was ready to switch to Starling up until this morning.

I don’t think Starling can truly become a replacement to a legacy bank account until they process its own card transactions and stop being reliant on third parties.

Can Starling say, today, that they have plans to build their own card processor to stop outages like this in the future?

If not - I don’t think Starling has much of a future as these outages are going to continue.


GPS went down in March so are clearly unreliable


I’d agree. I think it’s difficult to say how many outages we’re likely to see in the future which makes me a lot more tentative when it comes to replacing my legacy bank account with a Starling one.


I didn’t realise either Starling was backed by GPS, if this is the case this is a little worrying as they have become notorious for their frequent outages recently.
Certainly the frequent outages (well, that and the poor support) has done Revolut no favours recently.

You can understand and almost(!) forgive these types of issues for say, a prepaid scheme but if an all-day outage happened to a proper, full bank account provider (as happened a couple of months ago with GPS) - you can only imagine the kind of damage this could do to a bank’s reputation… :frowning:


I imagine there are lots of customers - both current and prospective - that have been put off by today’s outage. You shouldn’t have to carry 2 cards around in case your main bank’s card goes down!


I troed to get a £10 which couldn’t as I got declined from 3 cashpoints. Taken off my balance waiting for it to be rectified on my balance.