Problems with Pending Transactions - Wrong Available Balance


One thing that i’ve noticed a couple of times is it doesn’t bother to tell me about certain pending transactions at all.

Example food shopping - I checked out an order a couple of days ago and at some point they’ll have pre auth’d the card to check it. Nothing at all on starling indicates this - if it was my legacy bank the available balance would be showing something like £1 pending.

On the day of delivery with my legacy account the available balance would usually then show so you’d know how much was coming off. Starling still isn’t showing anything at all.

So i now know the balance is around £100 out of sync - but starling doesn’t seem to know anything about it.


@lee Starling do take pending charges as I paid at pump yesterday and have a £1 pending when I know in a few days it will be £25. Sounds like something isn’t quite right and I would suggest contacting customer services through the app.


@Gallifreyangirl - only sometimes i’ve had it happen before with a different retailer which i did speak to customer services about.

It does some - just not others and its frustrating because at some point they are made aware of it but just dont do anything with it.

The retailer must have checked the card when i ordered days ago. 1st missed opportunity.

I’ve had an email from the retailer with the charge and that its on the way - 2nd missed opportunity.

Looks like it will be delivered before starling even show they know anything about it.


And yep now all delivered - still nothing from starling.
@sarah.guha - whats going on with this one?


Sounds like something you should bring up with in the app support guys, they can look at finding out whats gone on with this.

My experience of available balance so far is that Starling tends to reduce your balance a lot quicker than legacy banks (available balance and actual balance tend to be the same) and when necessary, money is refunded back into the account, so, for example, temporary holds that hotels put on cards seem to reduce the available balance until the hold is lifted, sometimes 7 days later, which is in itself an issue in my mind.


@Bmacrow i did they asked me to speak to the retailer :roll_eyes:

My experience is that when it works its great - when it doesn’t the balance can be totally wrong for days with zero indication as theres no available or pending area. The last one i had was five days before anything showed and it was out for the entire time.


Hey @lee sorry to hear about this experience. I’m also sorry to sound like a broken record, but this is really something that is better suited for customer service as they’ll be able to help look into your specific situation further. Please feel free to let them know I asked you to ask again.

I’m purely speculating, but based on your description above it does sound like the retailer has not sent the relevant messages through to us. If it’s possible for you to reach out to the retailer that would be most helpful in resolving this matter quickly! Feel free to DM me if needed.


@kjersti.larsen @anne

Hi Kjersti, its finally showing after it was sent to the payments team.

Couple of points though cause i think this is pretty poor…

  1. Asking me to speak to customer service of a retailer for a reoccurring fault which happens with different retailers isn’t really on. As i told the person in the app - i can imagine exactly the response from the customer service of the retailer should i ask, who will be used to transactions showing up from legacy accounts in five days time anyway (and lets face it probably wont have a clue who starling are anyway) so wont understand why i’m expecting starling to be showing anyway. It’ll be either ‘contact the bank’ or if they dont understand i’ve paid they’ll be more then happy to debit me again. Also i dont care who looks at it your end - you guys should be figuring that out between yourselves no matter who i tell, rather then directing me to a different company.

  2. If it’s from different retailers as it has been (reported on each occasion) then its something i expect starling to take an interest in and to deal with. Ultimately i dont care if you got a message or not - thats your side to fix with whoever. I’m concerned that you have shown me the wrong balance again for several days (for whatever reason).

  3. Why not investigate with the retailer yourselves so you can avoid it happening again? You’d have all the details you require but i’d have been more then happy to provide anything else you needed.

  4. My biggest issue though - as mentioned i’ve had this happen a couple of occasions meaning my balance has been completely out of sync for up to 5 days at a time. No notification, zero pending - just nothing, which totally defeats the object of starling.
    Even my legacy bank shows pending payments the same day (as did monzo). What happens when i’m putting multiple transactions through and you just dont bother to show me selected ones? I could have spent that money and then i’d have gone overdrawn or had the hassle of sorting it out. Potentially thats flagged as overdrawn or something else bounces etc.

I’ve noticed each time this happened because as i’m just trying starling i dont put lots through it. If i did use it for my main account and i put everything through, then it would be easy to loose track of a transaction. Especially if this happened on more than one transaction over the same period.
It makes me completely distrust whats the app tells me and i think you should properly look at why and come up with a solution.
@ben.chisell this is exactly why i’d want a second account :slight_smile: - to avoid money being accidentally used because the balance isn’t correct.

By the way when it did finally notify me of the transaction the pulse then updated later too, so that still isn’t fixed either.

Ultimately i’m reporting a fault in the hope you fix it and make it better - not nitpicking. I understand as a new bank they might be some bugs that need fixing and thats fine - but if there’s no interest to fix them or look at them it just makes me think you’re not that bothered. Not at all convinced it wont happen again, that you have any idea what went on, or even want to know. It’s an easy option and a bit of a cop out to say just go ask the retailer. :face_with_raised_eyebrow: