Problems with customer service & DD claim


When you chat with a CS rep about raising a DD indemnity claim and you get the feeling they don’t have a clue.

Chatted with a couple of people this morning after some DDs were taken in error after I’d already agreed with the beneficiary that they weren’t going to collect them, at present I don’t have any confidence that this request will be actioned. I’ll given them the benefit of the doubt - it’s only five to 11.

I know in a legacy bank front line would handle the call and then pass the action to Bob or Sharon on’t big computer that deals with the DD processing - I’m guessing it’s something similar here as there are legacy processes to interface with.

I do hope the CS team are good for more than emojis and dog memes because everything had been going well so far…


When I had problems with Starling’s customer service, they blamed it on the chat software they are using and, bizarrely, claimed that it was not chat software.

I’ve read two topics in the last few hours about people having problems with Starling CS (DDM indemnity claim and a chargeback). I did get the impression that CS just fobbed people off rather than took ownership of the problem. Yours is a pretty serious issue so I hope someone at Starling takes ownership and gets this resolved for you.

Yesterday, I telephoned First Direct with a query. The first person I spoke to was knowledgeable and gave advice then put me through to a colleague who was equally knowledgeable and resolved my query to my satisfaction in around ten minutes. Job done.

Until any so-called challenger bank can exceed the First Direct customer service levels, I’ll be reluctant to move, regardless of how many pie charts there’s in the app.

I hope you get your issue resolved today.


The Direct Debit Guarantee specifies that if a mistake is made that a full and immediate refund must be given. You should have had the refund before the end of your chat session. Anything else should be raised as a formal complaint and reported to BACS.


And that, Chalky is why I’m concerned. It’s great having friendly CS reps who can share emoji and give out basic information, but if the knowledge isn’t in the frontline staff to give customers confidence then this aspect of the operation doesn’t stand up to other banks.

I’m now on my third chat of the day looking for an update…


I never had an issue with Starling CS yet. But looking on these forums there is some concerning issues.

I had an issue with my legacy bank yesterday. Walked in branch came out 5 mins later all sorted.

While I’m all for new app-only banks. It is a journey and will be a while for them to prove themselves in all areas. I’m in no in rush to fully switch and will happily use a combo approach of legacy+starling.

Legacy banks might be old fashion. But they work and you rarely have to contact them. That is the benchmark.


Ok - so this is going badly. CS rep number three of the day tells me it’s been flagged as a high priority issue and I’ll hear back by close of business today.

Not. great.

Maybe it’s just a training thing and it will actually get done but my confidence at seeing my money come back just went from 2/10 to 0/10. I hope i didn’t pull the trigger on that full switch too soon.


This is not the news I hoped to hear.

Customer service, for me, is a yardstick. I’m reading too much on this community of terrible customer service from Starling. I’ve experienced a poor customer experience but nothing anywhere near as bad as you guys.

You can get the measure of a business in how it deals with things when something goes wrong. At the moment I’m concerned that challenger banks have not got the customer service aspect nailed yet.


Hi Sean, thanks for getting in touch with us.

Yes, under a DD guarantee you are entitled to a full and immediate refund.

According to the DD scheme rules, “immediate” is defined as, on the day of request (or next working day if outside a normal bank working day).

This is how we are currently actioning our DD disputes.

We are exploring some improvements to this process, so thanks for sharing your experience.

CS will give you an update once yours is actioned.


That’s pretty poor really.

It shouldn’t be how it’s defined in the ‘scheme rules’ - you should be exceeding that.

It seems based on this thread and the thread Not getting anywhere, Starling is just doing the bare minimum…


I have never had to wait until the end of the day or next working day for a DD Indemnity Claim to be reflected on my account


I take issue with this stuff… Like when unlimited data is ‘capped’ or ‘subject to’ etc. Pretty much 9 out of 10 times people would be happier and more informed if some organisations didn’t try to dupe them through sneaky language or adjusting the definition of something to fit their own means.

According to everyone else, they would understand it as what it actually means!

Can i just pick up on this too - isn’t every day is a normal banking day? (unless you’re one of the big clearing banks). If you deal with retail banking then people dont stop spending money because its Saturday, Sunday or even a ‘bank’ holiday.


Especially a bank like Starling that claims to offer 24/7 support.


I want to like this twice. I hate this use of language, it’s creating a custom definition.


No. When you look at different banking systems, BACS Credits, BACS Direct Debits, SEPA Credits, CHAPS, Faster Payments Scheme, etc they all have different rules, some only operate Mon-Fri so for certain transactions a weekend would not be deemed a banking day, others work Mon-Sun so a weekend in those cases would be a banking day.


this term can include early morning or late evening if outside main staffing core times such as a bank being fully staffed 8-6 and only having skeleton staff at other hours


So, update. The funds reappeared at 17:37 in my account. There were no app or customer service notifications.

So @patrick By far the worst part of this for me has been the chats with the CS reps. I understand DD indemnities aren’t a daily use case, but the language used failed to give me confidence. It would have been simpler perhaps if I’d called in, but a sore throat prevents that.

On a wider note there are obviously elements of the banking industry that Starling have limited impact upon in terms of new processes for one bank interfacing with a process such as direct debit that must be getting on for thirty years.

Anyhoo, could have been better - but not quite an own goal.


No matter how whizzy the app looks, challenger banks will prove their worth with their level of customer service.


That comment has meant I shall be moving my direct debits from Starling, twice this year I’ve had issues with Direct Debits, Barclays have within seconds put the money back into my account.

The whole point of a mobile only bank was for it to be fast efficient and not to be restricted to old fashioned problems. Obviously Starling doesn’t see things like that as an issue and are quite happy to provide worse service than established banks.

What things have shown, is Starling isn’t really that interested in going above and beyond what an established high street bank already does, and is happy to stick to scheme rules even if it affects customer service.


Increasingly, Starling feels like a legacy Bank in drag.


I no it’s not a dd issue but the customer service issues are awful no one has a clue then the attitude is abismal is it cause it’s a online service the can use words like final stance etc that quite rude to a customer I feel getting to the point I’m thinking of going back to NatWest