Problems with cash deposits at NatWest


I just deposited cash into my Starling account over the counter at NatWest. I did this last time on 2 June, with no problem. Today, at the same branch (20 Amhurst Road, London E8), the cashier spent five minutes telling me she couldn’t do it because I don’t have an account with NatWest. She kept asking: “who’s your account with?” I kept saying Starling Bank. She’d never heard of us. Both cashiers told me they’d had instructions not to accept payment into anyone’s account unless the account holder was making the deposit into their own NatWest account.

In the end, after a tussle, she agreed to do it. Maybe NatWest need reminding to tell their staff about this? :sweat::pensive::triumph:

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It’s something Starling should take up with NatWest. A complaint to NatWest from a non-customer won’t go far.


Correct. Thank you.


Have you raised with Starling support?


That’s a good point. Thanks.


Thanks for letting us know Robert. We will follow up with NatWest.


Cheers boss. :man_dancing:t4::dancer:t4::dancing_women:


@patrick If I didn’t know better, I’d say they were using the situation to try and poach me as a customer. It might be worth asking NatWest about that.


NatWest are certainly capable of being duplicitous, but they are also very, very capable of being incompetent! My money would be on the latter. :slight_smile:


Fair enough. Imagine actually having a personal current account with them. :rofl::rofl::rofl:


I do :slight_smile:


I used to, in 1975. I see the people in the queue there when I go in to to deposit cash into my Starling account or our charity account with Unity Trust Bank, which has the same deposit process as Starling. They look so bored and downtrodden and beaten into conformity. I despair for them. :cry:


I did ask on the slack channel, but didn’t hear much back

I understand that currently this is for NatWest only and not for other RBS brands. NatWest is practically none existent in Scotland, but RBS have lots of branches. Are there plans to open up access for those who don’t live in England ?


That’s a good question. Our charity’s account is with Unity Trust Bank and they use NatWest in England and Wales, RBS in Scotland and Ulster Bank in NI. I don’t know if this applies to Starling, but it could be a good idea.


I’ve once been told by Natwest that it won’t soon be possible to pay in without a paying in book and another on a separate occasion look at me blankly as if I’m crazy or talking another language.

Natwest’s staff don’t really seem to have a clue; although I did bring this up already in the past on a phone conversation with Starling about another matter last week.

I find the long wait (I paid in on Friday and had to wait till mid Monday) and the fact that paying in with Natwest is far from a friction-less affair will put me off of paying in money in cash and is a factor for me keeping a legacy current account open. I can then transfer the money as soon as it gets payed in at counter or via deposit machine to Starling.


Yes. The one thing not to do, in my experience, is believe what NatWest staff tell you. They will either have been wrongly informed, or be using out of date information, or even saying no by default because they aren’t sure. It’s how an oversized, unwieldy and dysfunctional organisation operates.


That’s why would like to rid as my legacy bank.


NatWest current account? :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:


Yes I have


Could something be done via say paypoint or payzone, perhaps with an on screen barcode they could scan. To paypoint or payzone it’s just a bill your paying in cash.