Problem with Marketplace?


Two Marketplace providers (Wealthify and Habito) aren’t showing information currently:


@StarlingSupport can you look at this.


Hi Dan, just FYI - My wealthily marketplace is working fine.


I can confirm mine is displaying ok again, though Habito isn’t.


hi @danmullen we’re aware of this issue and are working on resolving it now with both Habito and Wealthify, it should only be affecting a minority of customers and it is simply an issue of displaying the data (if you log into your Habito or Wealthify accounts you will still be able to see your mortgage / ISA is intact!).


Hi @danmullen, sorry you experienced an issue seeing your Wealthify balance. I’m glad this is now resolved. I believe this was due to our API response time on this occasion.


Thanks for the explanation @Michael_Ashford :+1:t2: