Privacy and Controls of Connected Apps


Hi all,

Quick suggestions for something that I think should be made available:
A screen to show 3rd party services that currently have access to your account, and an option to detach them.
As starling grows, and surly as the Open Banking grows, I can see more and more situations where I’ve joined this one services ages ago, forgot about it, but they continue to harvest data from my account for years to come. And that… Well that sucks. :slight_smile:

So, a privacy screen that shows what you share, with whom, and allows you to disengage.




Hi Tom!

You are able to do this under our Marketplace.

Depending on your device:

Menu > Marketplace > Meatball/Hamburger menu > Manage Providers

From there you can view, manage and revoke access :grin:


After you click on the top right you get this menu

Click on the first option and this appears


Ah, brilliant!
Didn’t think to look there as services like “Emma” aren’t from the marketplace.

Thanks. :slight_smile: