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Why are previous transactions shown for standing orders but not for direct debits?


Hey Jon
Do you mean in the ‘upcoming payments’ section of the app?

We’re still working on this section. We want to be able to show you the historic payments for both standing orders and DDs here in the future.


Yes, so click on Pay - Scheduled Payments…

The SO are showing the historic payments but not the DD.

If it’s on they way then thats awesome.


While on the subject, I find the date listed against the direct debits a little misleading. The date shown for DD’s seems to represent the date the mandate was set up on the account, whereas the date below standing orders shows the date the SO was last paid (much more useful!)

And maybe if this page is receiving some TLC from Starling, an option to sort the list of scheduled payments by last paid date would be useful, and filtering direct debits, standing orders, or both…?


Completely agree. It makes no sense having the mandate setup date there.


I do want the setup date listed though!


I’m sure the setup date could be included somewhere else if you find it useful :slight_smile:


Yes, it’s not essential to be front and centre as I won’t need it daily.
Tapping in for more details is perfect.

Kind regards

Gareth Wright