Premium Features?


Is there a plan to offer (paid) premium features? e.g. Barclays offer Ten Concierge, Gadget Insurance & Lounge Passes.


I thought this had already been discussed - I think the short answer is no, but could be something integrated by partners though the marketplace.


Thread here


Are any premium features planned? This being in upcoming features suggests that something is coming soon… :neutral_face:


I’m sure this has been aired in detail recently. Can we consolidate the threads to see the arguments, perhaps?


I’d be happy to see premium features, but providing that the basic features on the free and charged for account don’t become 2 tier. If people want their mobile insurance and European breakdown cover that’s fine. As soon as it comes to ‘Premium Account holders get twice this or extra that’ I’ll be looking elsewhere.

I’ve never subscribed to £10 accounts, the banks always creep up these fees and people get screwed and then suddenly they become upset, I’d rather that wasn’t Starling.



I think the marketplace would serve this purpose as well. If an insurance company wanted to bundle a “deal” for Starling customers then they can just implement the API and work from there.

EDIT: Turns out this has already been said and I missed it. Oops.


To be honest, I hope we don’t go down that road. Offering access through the marketplace would be as far as I’d want to go. Premium upgrades are so old-hat. They’re not Starling…


To be fair I mentioned this initially and would be happy for this to be done through the Marketplace.


I’m not in favour or against premium features per se, though I do find the Nationwide premium account offering to be extremely good value insurance wise. I’m just curious as to why they’ve placed the premium features thread in upcoming features; does it mean they have something upcoming on this front? :thinking:


It looks this surfaced under Different account types and raised by a user initially. Can’t recall it elsewhere on the forum, but it feels like it’s been circling for some time.

So Starling may not have engaged on the topic anyway.


It looks like it has been removed from the upcoming features section, so this answers my query. I’d still be interested in seeing potential premium features in the future, perhaps through the marketplace.