Pre-Release Beta Testing


I would be very interested in joining any Android Beta Program that you have. If there isn’t one, then this is a feature request :smile:

Starling Beta app

I think there is a few of us wanting this, hopefully they’ll open Beta testing out to a few of us.


Would love to us well


Well starling is BETA so it’s not really an option on app side of things.


I’m pretty sure it’s an option to test new functionality before they roll out to all users in the app.


Yes, it is. Regardless of the overall status of Starling, their app will be released in cycles, I’m assuming with staff being the first line of defence against regressions (Disregarding any testing done by developers or QA)

Using Google’s Play store, it is possible to roll features out to the public in stages too, of which some of us have stated a desire to help.


But everything they roll out is straight out to the public. We are the beta testers at present, obviously things will change in time.


No craig that’s not the case at all. They most definitely do internal testing prior


Of course, but the tests they do won’t be as intense as the tests we put the app through. :+1:


I’m pleased we have a thread forming here. Watch this space I’ll be in touch very soon.


i wouldnt mind testing new ios features!


Looking forward to it, Sarah!


Just to confirm, we do a lot of internal testing, even before an app release is pushed out to internal staff. We have many thousands of automated tests that run every time we make a code change and that number of tests increases as we write new features.

Of course, this doesn’t mean that bugs don’t occasionally slip through the net - the key thing being that we learn something when that happens, we write tests to close the hole in our safety net and continue to learn and improve.


Count me in for iOS beta :blush:


and me :wink:


Hello hello,

It’s great you’re all so keen to continue to help us test our releases before they are available publicly. Thank you! Now we’re in public beta, the spots in our pre-release testing are limited so to register your interest please click the link below, complete the quick form and I’ll be in touch with more information soon!

Sign me up!

EDIT: We have now closed this registering of interest form. Thank you for those who signed up.

About everything else

Registered! :slightly_smiling_face:


Was this the same form that was sent out in an email I received a few days back?


Yes it was. You’re on the list.


Am i on the list?