Poll - Spending Insights ON/AT name change


Hi everyone!

We would like to get some feedback with regards to the name change under Spending Insights. Please vote in the poll and post any suggestions you have down below :grin:

  • Love it!
  • Change it!

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It took me a while to work out what the ‘AT’ and ‘ON’ meant, AT was a bit easier but ON stumped me, as On to me I associate with a Date. I expected ON to list by date of transaction!

To me Merchant and Category make more sense!

The AT is the Merchant - that’s reasonable, but the ON is NOT what you spent your money on but how you categorised your transaction (it may have been a combination of things) so Category makes most sense to me.


Totally agree with this. It’s clear, unambiguous, and does exactly what it says.

On/At, especially uppercase where they appear more like acronyms for something than words, comes across as confusing.


Yep, the uppercase is more confusing than a mix of upper and lower. To me AT = Austria and ON = Ontario :wink:


Ah! View Transactions by City - a great idea! :wink: As long as they don’t call this button “CT” :smiley:


Instead of Tabs, a dropdown list:
by Category
by Merchant
by Country
by Currency
by Date
by Amount high-low
by Amount low-high
by frequency (how often used)


I’m old school, category and merchant


Category and Merchant - not sure why it was changed in the first place!


Agree with all the above… Category and merchant are self explanatory and truthful.

On and at just look random. Like a couple of nursery spelling cards.

Why the bizarre desire to change them? They weren’t hurting anyone.


I’m current - category and merchant


I’ll repeat my feedback so it’s in the right place. I don’t like on and at. Makes it more confusing :thinking:


I found this really confusing, please go back to Merchant and Category if that’s what you had, it would be a lot clearer for new users.


I agree with others. Category and Merchant much clearer. AT / ON is confusing (took me a bit to figure out what it meant).

Also being picky, ON / AT doesn’t really fit for payments (cash withdrawals and transfers)


I’d like merchant, category and regular with regular showing bills, subscriptions and salary etc so I can get a quick view of my regular payments, add notes for renewal dates or account info etc. I like how Yolt allows you to group your regular payments.


Category and Merchant seemed clearer to me. It was obvious what it meant the first time I looked at it.


Only just got Starling recently. I found ON and AT confusing at first, I only have a few transactions so took me a while to figure out what they could mean. I thought ON would be ‘a date’ and AT would be a shop. Category and Merchant would save new customers having to work out what they actually are looking at


Thank you everyone for your feedback, suggestions and votes!

I have passed this on to the team so they can review it. Just to let you all know, the request for the poll came from Anne herself as we all noticed the feedback before this thread was created.

Have a wonderful day guys and gals :grin:


Thanks @LoganAllan, great to see @anne and the team taking our feedback on board :+1:t2:


Hello again!

I have just gotten word that the ON/AT will be changed back to Categories and Merchants; this should be in the next update. :tada:


Really great you have all listened and taken onboard feedback. Thanks Starling