POLL: Recent outage


As discussed here, GPS (Global Processing Services) are responsible for today’s Starling outage; as the bank relies on them as a third party card processor. If GPS experience an outage, so do Starling cards.

So what I’m wondering is this: has the outage and the knowledge that they could happen again put you off the idea of using Starling as your main bank account?

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There seem to have been a few occasions where there have been outrages. Not all are limited to Starling but Monzo and Revolut, I guess they are all using these GPS people.

Surely with so many people relying on them they should be more robust? You vary rarely seem to see the legacy banks with the same issues.

Is this something that Starling can take in house to avoid these issues?


I have faith Starling will listen to the feedback and build there own payment processor… there has been so many outages recently with various banks :unamused:


No point of notifications and “modern” application if you simply can’t use your debit card.
Nationwide had problems last week but with internet banking only and NEVER with debit card!


I’m not sure we should accept that outages will happen from time to time. I can’t remember Santander losing the ability to process payments by card, I have the same expectations anywhere I bank.


I guess it’s still in beta although there is a current account up and running, we forget that and the progress made so far.

I haven’t lost faith in Starling as they are transforming the way that modern banking is happening, and blooding the nose of the legacy banks in the process. The legacy banks have treated customers like mugs for years with poor service and ‘try elsewhere if you think they’re any better’ and I’m happy to support Starling as they start the fight back to them.

I’m sure Starling will get this sorted asap as it can’t keep happening as it’s a tad embarrassing, but for now I’m happy to give them the benefit of the doubt.


We should not accept outages in terms of using your card, i totally agree.


Given the heat (and frayed nerves) generated today around the GPS outage, I’d welcome some direction from Starling around future options. Whatever GPS does, it’s critical and we need some reassurances.


I certainly won’t give up on them, as what they are doing is totally awesome. However i don’t want them relying on 3rd parties who keep having outages.


“I’m sure Starling will get this sorted asap as it can’t keep happening as it’s a tad embarrassing, but for now I’m happy to give them the benefit of the doubt”.

Totally with you on this Citibadger and you, Joe!


It’s Starling’s name that is the headlines, these mysterious GPS people seem to have outrages reasonably often and it doesn’t seem wise to put your eggs in one basket. Is there no one else who can offer what they offer??

Time to look to bring in house if possible and quickly. I seem to recall Monzo having this issue and on their forum I’m sure said that they wouldn’t have this problem soon as they were looking to go in house or design their own system.


Just seen the below. Will be surprising if Starling sticks with GPS long term!


Blimey, if Revolut are looking to move it’s got to be bad. Their forums are full of unhappy customers at the best of times!!

I’d hate to think of Starling’s name being mentioned in the same breath as them. You don’t really want to think of your bank as being unreliable.

I’m sure the Starling team will be doing what they need to do and quickly. Flicking back thru the status page it’s happened a couple of times now. That’s twice more than my current bank. Nat West/RBS are always in the news with computer issues etc, don’t give anyone the ammo to add Starling to that list. You know how the media love to spin things. Bad publicity does stick.

I’m banking on Starling having some harsh words and getting some backup plans in place to rectify this. If it happens again…well let’s just hope it doesn’t!!


yet people stick with Natwest, Santander, Barclays et al, who all have frequent issues with BAC’s and credits…

Nationwide’s apps are more down than up at the moment…

CitiBank and Natwest have had issues in the last 12mths where people cant use their debit cards.

We also have to remember that as @Citibadger has said Starling is in Beta, so cut a little slack as they are learning as they go along…

As a beta user you have to accept issues, and have an escape plan for when things go down…

Im sure GPS are getting a beating from their customers including Monzo, Loot, Revolut and Starling amongst many more…


Just read on another post that Starling don’t seem to be looking to bin their unreliable 3rd party supplier?? Not really what I wanted to hear if I’m honest.

Starling are in beta which we all forget as normally everything runs well, but basic are basics. ATM and debit cards are just those basics. If the fancier parts of a new fangled app don’t work fully then fine but payment systems should just work, 1st time every time.

Maybe time to consider bringing this process in house before this other company ruin your good name thru no fault of your own! If I was on the management team at a Starling I’d be screaming blue murder.


My concern is that it wasn’t the beta bank that went down, it was the established third party provider. If Starling were no longer beta we still would have had problems if they were still using GPS as their processor.


Totally agree, what I was trying to get across was that other legacy banks have all had issues… I would expect Starling to have DR / resilience plans in place to negate / prevent these types of issue.

Multiple providers for network access, and business critical services such as payment processing, should be the bare minimum


I for one will be migrating back to Monzo once their current account launches if Starling aren’t planning to build their payment processing in house - very disappointing but I’m hopeful they will sort it out…


Who’s to say monzo won’t have issues with their own system? I mean starling launched current accounts as beta as issues as such would pop up allowing them to solve it.

I’ll be staying with Starling, I have faith and they are now my main bank!

You’ll be waiting a while for monzo current accounts anyhow it seems


In a nutshell :smiley::+1: