Plum Savings


A standard issue question from me. What is plum? :smile:


You add your bank accounts to Plum, it works out how you spend your money, and then each week it transfers some money into a savings account based on how you have used your bank accounts.

It’s all automated, and only puts the money you can spare into a savings account, which you can withdraw when you want anyway free of charge.

Basically its smart saving using an automated system.


That’s pretty clever i like it


They’re currently looking for Starling and Monzo testers so it’s coming very soon

According to the Plum Squad Facebook group, they will launch testing when they have more testers for starling


I’ve joined the plum squared to Facebook to see if I can test.


@liamdaly and @Gallifreyangirl - happy cake day!


Hi all, we’re happy to let you all know that Plum have now integrated our API via Truelayer, check out the Finextra article about it here:
Let us know any feedback on the integration!


In the interests of trying it out I’ve signed up and it was all fairly easy to do. However I’m struggling to see the point of Plum given there’s no interest unless you pick the Ratesetter option.


I just tried to sign up. Initially tried on my computer, Plum displayed a QR code and asked me to scan it using the Starling app, so I did, but each time I tried, it scanned the code then closed the screen and returned to the Marketplace listings. Tried again after force quitting the Starling app, but it still wouldn’t process the scanned QR code. So ended up just doing it all via my phone.


It’s aimed at millennials who don’t save at all. Better to save even with no interest than to save nothing at all.


2 things for me I cannot find it in the market place an I missing something? And secondly digressing a little starling why do you keep deleting my profile picture from within the app, yes I’m not the best looking of chappies but I’m starting to get a complex :slightly_frowning_face:


You’ll need to sign up on their website: