Plum Savings



Is there any plans to work with savings providers such as plum that round up your spending - or of course a plan to do this yourselves?



Plum Savings - ITS COMING

This service looks the exact same as Chip service I use. lol


In terms of Round-up saving, Starling already has one-way integration with Moneybox:


This would be a good feature to have built in. I like the idea of Plum, Chip and Moneybox but I’d like to decide where the money gets sent rather than using their products - this could be internal allocations to different “pots” within Starling, or sent externally to a savings account.


Hi there!

We certainly do expect savings and investments to become part of our marketplace. As @Chalky mentions, we already have an integration with MoneyBox and we plan to add more. :slight_smile:


Moneybox is all good and all but the fact that it charges you a fee to use its service isn’t great. Especially as i’d only use it to save pennies on rounding up my transactions


I didn’t know about the link to Moneybox so thank you for that, though at £2.13 a month for the priviledge of using their service it’s something that would outweigh the benefit personally. One of the free to use services would be great or an in house option


Yeah if you’re sticking loads of money in its pretty good :slight_smile:


I’d love to have loads of money to stick in it, sadly I work in travel so I’m poor :wink:


I spend a small fortune on travel to work so am also poor :disappointed_relieved:

A :free: Save The Pennies facility would be good.

I use a similar feature with :iceland: towards the :christmas_tree: :shopping_cart:. It adds up :pound:


I like an integrated save the pennies idea, but I’d like to have both as options. The point of the market place is to give us those options. And the lure of plum is the 3% ratesetter interest rate that you’re not going to get at any bank, and that will include Starling, not to mention that it is a free service so would likely see a good surge of people buying in to the idea!

You can see how much of a lure that this and other market place integrations could be to consumers if they were shown how easy it was to get 3% savings plus all the other options that will come to the market place in time.


You can get 3% at Tesco Bank current account upto £3k, and you can have 2 accounts, so £6k risk free.

Plus TSB for another £1.5k.

I’m not comfy with peer to peer lending. I also want nothing to do with Facebook, and this runs on Facebook Messenger only, so it’s out for me anyway. I’m sure it’s fine, but who are you actually lending to? Isn’t there also the faff of having to add this to a tax return as well?


Why not? Zopa pioneered P2P lending over a decade ago and they’re still winning awards.

£50 incentive with my link and borrowing rates as low as 2.8% if you’re a borrower rather than a lender.


I have a Zopa loan. Always blows my mind when you look at whos lending the money and brings up a list of 100’s of people lol


My funding circle account has made me an average of 9% returns after fees. I see nothing wrong with peer to peer, I feel very comfortable with having done for so long now.

And this will give you 3% for over £6k and without having to have a pesky Tesco Bank account set up :confused:


That’s good, it’s a great return, just not for me.


Oh for sure, it’s not going to be for everyone and I appreciate that but again, I guess that’s one of the perks of having the marketplace: that it should hopefully give each one of us options that will tick the boxes we want to tick without bloating us with stuff we don’t need :crossed_fingers::+1:


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Moneybox costs £1 per month, plus the internal fund charges (which aren’t shown in the app) also takes days before they acknowledge receipt of payment, and then four or five more days before they actually purchase the underlying funds. The funds themselves are okay (big names, but tepid return - further eroded by the fee). Personally I would prefer an instant access savings round up option rather than Moneybox - upfront interest rate (even if rubbish) and at least the value of funds invested can’t fall. I think the best option is to add recurring payments to the goals function, unless you’re able to partner with someone who provides a better interest rate than Starling does currently.