Please help me keep track of Settle Up requests


Can the app please help me keep track of Settle Up requests.

I’ve raised a Settle Up request and sent it to a friend. They haven’t paid yet.
In fact I’ve raised a few requests to various friends. Some have paid and some haven’t.
So I’ve got a list on a scrappy bit of paper of who has paid and who hasn’t. And I have to keep remembering who to chase.

When I raise a Settle Up request, could the app please:

a) keep track of it somewhere so I remember who owes me & who has / hasn’t paid yet
b) if they pay me and the app can recognise that it was payment for this request then automatically archive or close it
c) allow me to close it manually (eg if they send me money but the app can’t recognise it, or of they give me cash in person)
d) allow me to send a reminder without generating a new request.

These features would make Settle Up really use friendly.


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