Please delete thread


Let’s continue this investigation privately. Thank you


Whilst this is nothing to do with fraud, there is something dreadfully wrong in this case. @patrick, can this issue be escalated?


Have you provided the reference to Starling as requested by Irish Revenue?

Clearly something has gone very wrong. @patrick will hopefully assist you.

@JamesPratley Perhaps this thread should be merged with Transfers from an Irish account.


Thanks for sending the reference details in to CS.
I understand this is concerning.
We definitely don’t want you to be out of pocket.
It’s not a case of fraud as @Graham pointed out, it’s a matter of understanding where the funds are.
Starling is not currently a part of SEPA, so I’m not sure why you’re being told we received it.
That being said, we have indeed escalated this and will attempt to trace your funds using the reference details.
You’ll be the first to hear once we know more.


Please don’t be sorry at all.
I’m just as puzzled as you are, and want to fix whatever is wrong.
CS has already escalated this for you, and I’ll get in touch as early as tomorrow.


Were there any updates to this? Starling don’t seem to be great at fixing the edge cases when things go wrong unfortunately.


Thanks for updating us on the outcome and where your at with revnue Ireland and Starling.