Planned Maintenance


There will be planned maintenance tonight from midnight until 2am, Sunday 8th October. Please be aware that your card may be declined during this period, so we advise you to withdraw cash today as a back-up. You’ll receive a similar message in app.


I absolutely detest planned maintenance at midnight on a time when many many many people are still out partying and having fun.

Both Starling and Barclays are doing maintenance tonight, so I’m going to have to use cash and that’s not really something I expect to have to do when out in a pub.

It’s really bad planning to do it on a Saturday night.



I don’t believe this is a bank thing. I’ve noticed a similar message has been delivered on the Monzo site. It’s the card processor who’s performing the maintenance.


I know, but my point is, the timing is ridiculous whether its a bank or a card processor.


Nationwide also has planned maintenance :triumph:


I’d rather they did it at midnight to 2am to sort than during the day.


Worth noting it only affects Monzo’s prepaid card as the current account is in-house.


I saw the notification about planned maintenance this morning when I opened the Starling app, but after dismissing it, there doesn’t seem to be any way to see it again? I’m not sure if others are like me, but I’m so used to getting feedback requests etc popping up in apps when I open them, I instinctively dismiss them :smirk:

With Monzo, the warning is shown to you in an orange banner every time you open the app. Some people may not like having the message forced on you constantly, but for something this important (i.e. inability to withdraw funds) I think it’s important to continually remind customers. Plus, it’s only temporary, so it’s not like you have to put up with it for days and days.

I’m pretty sure it’s been suggested before, but a Status item in the side-menu would be great. It could just effectively be a traffic light (green - normal, amber - warning (e.g. scheduled maintenance), red- outage), and tapping it could link the user to the standard status page in the web if you need more detail.



I would like to see the message again


It’s a valid point, and we’ll take that onboard in improving our comms. Thank you.


Not sure if it’s simpler, but Revolut have just sent out an email notification.


I agree email is another viable method, but I still think seeing this in-app somewhere is key.


To be fair, there’s never a good time. Just be thankful you don’t bank with Nationwide. They’re also doing planned maintenance starting at midnight today until 3pm tomorrow!!! That’ll not only affect your night out, but also your Sunday roast at your local Toby!! (Or your local Sainsbury’s to buy your hangover bacon sandwiches!)


There’s never a good time for maintenance, but I think Starling have done it at the best they can. It tends to be the same across the rest of the banks.


No point carrying a card

Both offline for maintenance


So let’s do both then eh? :grinning:


Apart from Starling do you have a back up bank account for such occasions as this


I still have my Nationwide account active


I’ve carried an emergency £15 and a Oyster card with some cash in the bottom of my little rucksack since going cashless a few years back “just in case.”

I’ve never needed it and recently swapped the old style £10 for a new one; just as I did the £5 before it.


I must admit that I use very little cash theses days

Firm believer in Apple Pay or contactless