Physical Card Core Colour Idea


Tesco have recently made a simple but extremely effective change to their Clubcard which I think is really interesting. In a wallet of white edged cards, they have made the core of their card bright red. When looking down at my wallet, in a sea of white edged cards, the Tesco Clubcard is so easily identified as it’s the only coloured edged card. Perhaps this would work in a bright purple colour too? Just a suggestion…

Competitor news

Or the mint green on the pulse?


Good suggestion!


I think Monzo are also trialling it or actually doing that but in hot coral!!

I think it’s a good idea!


Tesco is fine until you put it next to your Nationwide cards, which all have red cores, as do the new HSBC cards.


Metro Bank cards have red edges too.


Mint green it is then!


Mint green gets my vote


Mint Green


Monzo announced they are going to implement smiler thing


I only have the one debit/credit card so I’m not fussy on the edges colour; although I would love it from a design point of view.


Ball bags! Here’s me thinking that it was an original suggestion…


Hate that colour of the Monzo card. There’s no uniformity and consistency from their website, app and card. Where do they get the coral colour from?


it was the colour of one of their developers running/training shoes


I always thought it was a placeholder to signify “Warning: Beta Card.” I think that’s why it was originally chosen and then people didn’t want it to change?


I was not joking…It really was the colour of Hugo’s shoes


I hope they have them in a little cabinet, sort of like a trophy. :slight_smile: It’s a part of the companies history and I can remember them having the receipt showing the first ever transfer to a Monzo current account on the wall when I visited.


I don’t think things always have to be uniform. The Hot Coral card is probably the single-most effective way they’ve got to nearly half a million accounts in under two years.


Yeah they don’t have to be uniform, but it’s normal to use a common design language. As it stands now, it’s looks and feels very amateur and a bit cheap.


I know. I too would prefer it to look like Starling’s debit card, like every other bank on the high street.