Photo icon bug



Seem to be suffering at the moment;

The photo Icon for my account (top right of home screen) continually disappears. Will be there for a day or so and then just goes (liked it did again this morning, have added again will see how long it lasts).

Incoming money has no icon/picture…

Profile photo
Stubborn BUGS

Are you on iOS? I believe a number of people have reported this bug. Working fine on Android.


Yes, iOS


Icon vanishes frequently here. Starling should be aware of this as I have a support ticket with them.


Hi @Andrew_Buckland,

We’ve had a few reports of disappearing profile photos on iOS and have raised this with the app team to look into :slight_smile:

To your second point, the feed item for an incoming Faster Payment should show the payee image (if one is set) - maybe try deleting the image and adding it again if this is missing.

Let me know if that doesn’t work!


I’ve deleted the images and added again, will see if that works. But looking back to Jan, never had th icon…


It’s not the first time for profile pictures disappearing on iOS, it’ll be a regression and I’m sure it’ll be fixed soon.


@Callum I also have the missing images from all transfers etc. iOS here too.


me too on the missing images.


There are 2 bus driving me crazy.
First, under Notification is the Starling setting, “Mobile Wallet Notifications” is always ON I can never toggle it OFF!!

Second, the profile photos. I keep loosing every time IU restart my iPhone + They don’t sync with Starling on my iPad as it use to do.

I have reported 2 bus and I wish they find solutions soon.


I am on Android, and the toggle works for me

It looks to me that the round icon on the toggle has been chopped off slightly on the top. Probably a padding issue


The notification thing is happening on iOS too.

I turn it off and leave the app, then when I leave they’re back on again.

My solution for now has been to turn off Notifications in iOS settings for the Starling App


I’d not tried, but just checked in iOS.

Toggle off - close app, open app, toggle is back on.

Few bugs seem to be creeping in lately.


It’s interesting, I don’t want to turn off Apple Pay notifications because I get notifications for my Amex (even when not paying with Apple Pay) but by turning off Starling at the OS level means I’m now not seeing anything from Starling except for Apple Pay Notifications.


There does seem to be an increase in bugs lately, suppose the code base is getting bigger and bigger - beta testers would be great.


I’ve also noticed if I transfer money (say to one of my daughters Nationwide accounts) I don’t get a notification, should I? Would have thought so.


I’d love to be a beta tester.


Hi @NSoufi,

Thanks for letting us know about these!

We’re aware the notification toggle has stopped working and this should be fixed before long.

I don’t recognise the second issue, however; are you able to message us via the app with more detail so we can check your full device information etc.?

That should help us to work out what’s going wrong. :slight_smile:

Sorry for any trouble!


Oops, sorry @NSoufi!

I misread your message; sounds like this is the same issue as above. Logan has kindly merged your thread into this one :slight_smile:

We’ve let our iOS team know some users’ profile photos have disappeared and they’ll be looking into this next week!


The Apple Pay notification bug was fixed and will be part of iOS release 0.55.