Phone Wiping


I’m taking advantage of the recent apple backlash with slowing down phones and getting a new battery from them. I need to erase my phone (a bit OTT) if you ask me, however it’s what they’ve requested. So all me apps etc. Will be gone, is there anything I need to do starling app wise before I erase? Or can I simply re-download when they send my phone back?


Just do a back up of your iPhone in iTunes.


Just ensure you’ve not reached the maximum number of installs and you’ll be good to go. You can check this in Account Management > Login & Security > My Devices In the Starling app


Thanks guys


Your phone will be like new :grin:


I had a new Battery fitted by an Apple store, they never asked or suggested that I wiped the phone!


It does seem a rather strange requirement.

I wonder what the reasoning behind it is?


Strange indeed, I had to double check with another agent to ensure there was no crossed wires, unfortunately there is no apple store within a suitable mile range which is why I need to send via mail, I may just back it up just in case but leave it, surely a new battery is take out the old one and bang in a new one job done


I have also just been in to Apple for a battery replacement, but they only required me to back up all of my data beforehand.

Good job too, as they were unable to get the phone working after the battery replacement, so they gave a new phone in return free of charge (same model, 6S).

Out of three of my colleagues at work who also went in for battery replacements, two had replacement phones provided by Apple, as they were unable to get it working 100%.


Yeah I’m still not convinced the dude I spoke to knew exactly what I was on about, so I’m only going to back up


If you are mailing your phone in, they will require it to be wiped completely.

If you go into store, they won’t.