Petrol Pay at Pump £1 Authorisation


Used my Starling card tonight at pay at Pump to buy petrol.

As expected i got a notification for a £1 debit, presumably to check the card. I then expect the full amount to go off in a couple of days.

Does anyone have any experience of how this works - is the full amount I spent on fuel debited and the £1 refunded or do they debit the amount I spent on fuel less £1 ?

Many thanks.

ASDA £99 in the news - what would Starling do

Yes I’ve done it a few time so tomorrow or the the next day they take the FULL amount


The amount will just change. There won’t be a new transaction or refund notification.


Great - thanks both!


For info in case anyone is interested. The full amount came off my card just before 6am this morning with no notification or alert as expected.

In addition though, the £1 is still there as a pending transaction. Take it this will drop off in due course?


@Simon_Harrison the £1 will drop off in a couple of days. Its a ‘ring fenced’ amount and when not claimed will be returned to you. Normally the collection of the funds and dropping of the card check happens on the same day which is why it might look like a single transaction instead of 2


explained better here by @sarah.gilbert :slight_smile:


So is that initial £1 almost like a credit card pre-authorisation for car rentals?


Basically yes… Merchants do it to check the card is active so when they later but through an offline transaction it is less likely to be declined


Not used my Starling card at pay@pump. Did use a credit card the other day and it took the initial £1. It said I could fill up to £98.
Checked my credit card and they have taken £99 in holding plus the total fuel. Whilst that will come back inside the next few days I’ve never seen a company take the full amount before.
I’m hoping the same doesn’t happen when I use my Starling card.
I’d be interested to know what the Starling max level is for payatpump.


Nothing to do with Starling. I’ve personally been to a number of petrol stations (mainly in mainland Europe and at smaller independent / unmanned petrol stations) who do take a large amount (£99 in your case) and then either refund the difference or present a new transaction for the correct amount and let the initial transaction fall off.

Is how Monzo shows it. Looking at it, its very confusing but ‘Total Access’ charged me €99, claimed the amount, then refunded it the difference.


When I used my Starling at Costco it said max 99 on screen even though I only had £60 in the account.


So is it the pump which decides the maximum amount you can fill to?


@Simon_Harrison is this not just because they test it for £1 initially?


yep (pump/merchant)