Personalised notification sound


would like to have this feature would be handy

Odd Request- changing the sound on transaction alerts?

Hi Olly! Could you give us a few more details about your suggestion?


the app uses the devices default system notification tone whenever you get alerts, I want the option to change that to a tone of my choice so I don’t have to keep checking my phone when I get alerts for other apps that uses the phones default notification tone


You mean like when you spend or receive cash? Like a cash register noise of some kind.

Yes the default notification can be annoying, however not sure how hard it would be to change it.

Something for starling to work on @JamesPratley :money_with_wings::+1::credit_card:


It’s really nice idea, I love the idea of adding custom sounds - and think there might be an opportunity for the pulse to have it’s own tap sound. We will in time be building on our notification preferences (so we’ll keep sound preferences in mind) so it would be great to understand what other notification preferences you’d find useful? We feel there is probably more value gained by choosing what you want to be notified about in the first instance. For example, do you want to be notified for all transactions, or only those above a value. Do you want to be able to manage preferences for account updates separately from your transaction notifications?


Being notified of all transactions is a must for me. Especially when contactless takes a bit of time, I always get notified before machine authorised it.

I think should be different notification messages for direct debits coming out to general paying notifications? Rather than you’ve spent blah blah. How about you’re direct debit with Sky has been paid with the price?

Just an idea :+1::+1:


I have to say, I miss the Monzo “Kerching” noise when I use my Starling card. I’d like to have something more unique than the sound the Starling card has at the moment.


That’s an interesting idea that seems to have been missed. Direct Debits should have a different notification to card payments, if they don’t already. Something along the lines of “Direct Debit to COMPANY for £1.00 taken.”

Certainly if the sound is changed to something like a cash register it should not apply to Direct Debits.


I like to be able to know whether or not to pick up my phone and check something just by the sound of the notification, for example I use different sounds for different whatsapp groups, so I know if it needs an immediate look. Or when I have sold something on ebay etc.


I love custom notifications for different apps. In particular I do like what Monzo have done with the different sounds for both incoming and outgoing money transactions.


Please dont copy this noise it’s aweful


I agree with other posters.

I am using the Monzo app alongside Starling, testing and comparing both against each other before I finally settle for one or the other. Don’t need both tbh.

The generic notification sound for a transaction is something that needs to be worked on in imo.

Whether Starling update the app to a unique sound of their own, or allow user to assign their own, matters not to me at the moment. Either would be a “starter for ten”.


I’m on the Android app and the transaction alert sounds like a WhatsApp message- is there a way to change it? BTW: I quite like my Monzo “ker-ching” notification :wink:


I think a custom sound for notifications would be very useful for same reason mentioned by @Tim_B


Doesn’t sound like a big ask does it?! :wink:


Personally, I like the Ker-ching sound Monzo has with their app


There’s no option in android settings menu to do this yourself.

Usually there’s a categories option within each app where u can set the sound.


the one i really like is the sfx that you hear when you make an apple pay payment. that really hits home that you’re spending money, especially with the subtle little haptic feedback