Has anyone added the pensionbee to their accounts, if so what’s your thoughts on this a little sceptical to go ahead :relieved:


I’m giving it a go with a small pension pot I got from my first employer many years ago. It’s just a very tiny amount (I was an intern so only worked there for 9 months). SO i will see how it goes. Not a big fan of transferring my larger pension funds though.


Yeah please keep me updated my pension is with the same company for over 10 years and being a government worker probably best to hold off for time being lol!


yeah I wouldn’t transfer a government pension!


I’m in the process of transferring 3 very old pensions from past employers. I think I will lose out on some of the benefits as they are stakeholder or something (I’m no pension expert as you can tell) but as they are currently sitting dormant without me adding to them I may as well make them easily accessible in a banking app I use every day. The payments I will now make will outweigh what I lose by transferring them. My ‘bee keeper’ Chris seems very attentive and has kept me updated with the progress.


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