Pending Payments


A feature I’d like to see is a Pending payments/credits feature. Instant notifications is great for when activity happens but seeing the next day planned payments or credits would be useful. I am thinking BACS credits and Direct Debits due to be paid the next day. My non-Starling account does this and I find it a useful feature. Thank you.


you can find pending transactions however they are a little hard to actually spot them from the main transaction list and have to enter each transaction to view if it is pending or not. DDs will show the next collection amount however not the collection date… would have assumed that Starling would have been able to show both bits of information :man_shrugging:t2:


Hey thanks for this but this is not exactly what I mean. I mean a separate tab perhaps named Pending that lists BACS/ DDs due to go out on the next day in one place. For example my main bank will list Direct Debit or Salary credit due in. Much easier and useful in my view. Not so worried about card transactions debits and credits in on the day. The notifications is great for this.


Hi @Mal_Drury-Rose

I’m pretty sure this is currently in the thinking of the Starling team…


This is something I would like I asked the question earlier this week Pending BACS into account

Would be a really useful feature



I mentioned something similar a few weeks ago, but no idea where Starling are in considering the option.

Something I use a lot with Barclays.


Wondered any more thought for this?


We like this idea and have added it to our ever growing list of features we want to provide for you! For the time being we are focusing on building other things, but we’re keen to see why you’d find this useful? :slight_smile:


For example last time RBS systems had a problem, my faster payments didn’t go through immediately, seeing this was pending made me look at the reason why, and I could explain to the person why.

I paid a bill and had to enter the sort code and account number, the company said they had not received the payment, although my account showed it had been sent, my pending section showed it had been sent as a 1 day payment rather than a faster due to an issue.

That’s just 2 examples I can think of at the top of my head, that have affected me personally, where pending payments showing as pending can help.


Yup. Would love a way to filter Pending transactions. Something for example with iTunes and other online retailers, they do a £1 (or £1.58 specifically for iTunes) and I know this money won’t actually be deducted from my account, but the Starling balance updates immediately (which I like!) but sometimes just being able to filter out Pendings and get a total would be useful so I could quickly add that back to my balance and have a clear view of actual available cash I have.



I am ok with it it would be nice ! But do you know how does instant payments and notification work ? Why this is not the case for traditional banks ? I mean technically ! Because some transactions are pending but you can see all the transactions immediately in you app !


As well as pending recurring transaction the pending tab could show card transactions that not yet finalised


The easiest way would be a preset filter on the homepage that is by default on All but can be changed to Finalised or Pending.


Barclays now show pending payments in their app, for a legacy bank they are changing very fast, for example mobile cheque imaging for all banks, tabs showing your different balances, quick international payments, search for transactions, they are also changing push notifications so you can choose what you want to receive.


I can’t believe this post was last year and they still haven’t done anything to help t heir customers.