Pending incoming payments



Apologies if this has been discussed before I did try and find my answer :grinning:

Some banks show pending incoming payments (e.g. salary). Does Starling do this or plan to introduce this feature?


@tim7 sounds like a good idea to me.


At the moment you can’t see pending incoming payments.

Would only work for certain types of payments, but sounds like a nice idea.


@StarlingSupport is this an idea that can be considered? Maybe listed under scheduled or on the pulse screen?

Granted only certain payments will be seen.


Hi all,
It’s a nice idea, but would only work with Direct Credits due to the technicality of how this payment types work. It’s not something we have any immediate plans of implementing, but I’ll certainly make a note that it’s something you’d like to see.

Out of interest, is it mainly your salary you’d like to know is coming, or do you have a lot of other Direct Credits? (And indeed, do you know which of your incoming payments are paid via Direct Credit?)


For another bank I see this for salary and a benefit paymement.

As you noted it doesn’t work for all payments it’s just a small nice touch that if you can “see” a payment in advance it’s nice to know it’s coming. Obviously I wouldn’t call this an essential feature. Also not everyone’s employee would pay people this way. :grinning: