PDF transactions


I was thinking when you have the attach receipt button then share option. Wouldn’t it be good if you could create a pdf of the transaction. So you could then share that if needed to relevant parties.


It’d be also great if it cropped the image too so that there’s no background visible and only the receipt shows, like on most scanner apps.


Both great ideas @Gallifreyangirl and @Ad13


This is a feature that gets requested from our business customers mainly. A sort of ‘proof of payment’ option for each transaction


Could it also be considered to allow PDF invoices to be attached to an outgoing payment?

Current workaround is to screenshot the invoice then attach as an image, which seems unnecessarily time consuming.


I second this. I incorrectly assumed I’d be able to attach PDF invoices and receipts but it’s image only currently.


Yup, our product team is aware of it :slightly_smiling_face:


Not to be a pain but .doc documents too please.