PayPal transactions


I like that PayPal transactions mention the merchant name instead of PayPal however in the transaction detail view, maybe mention PayPal there? I was worried that my card used fraudulently for a moment as the PayPal merchant name is different to the actual merchant name


Offending transaction :scream:


I’ve just switched all my pre approved PayPal payments over to starling and was interested to see how they show up - haven’t had any come through yet, but agree with you it would be useful to have it reference PayPal somewhere.


I would also agree that there should be some reference to PayPal.


I’ve got a list of PayPal transactions from the last few months that I paid using direct debit. That means that none have any information about what it was I bought/paid for. Do payments made using the debit card still have the merchant name as shown above or do they now also just say PayPal?


Last I checked it’s still the merchant name if payed on a card; I switched to a DD around a month ago.