PayPal Transactions Not Instant?


New Starling customer, want to begin by saying I love your service, app, and features and maybe when I feel a bit more confident ill make a complete switch from Natwest to Starling but for the meantime, im going to keep both.

Everything with the app is going smoothly so far, I do recall a small outage the other day where transactions were getting delayed/declined and that happens. I made a top-up to my oyster card on the day of the outage for £20, and it was delayed until this morning when I got charged which seemed like a very long delay. Nonetheless, passed it off.

Last night I made a transaction via PayPal which has my Starling bank account and card linked to it. I have made previous purchases via PayPal using my starling account and the transaction is usually instant, receiving the notification on my phone moments after paying for an item. However, I made a purchase last night via the app Depop using PayPal, and the transaction went through okay but the balance is yet to come out of my Starling account. It has been around 12 hours and its still yet to come out, and I was just wondering what caused this and how will I know when the money is going to come out of my account?


Hi @HarveyLong

Sounds odd. Can I suggest you raise it now with Customer Services using the in-app option?

Welcome, by the way :+1:


Sure thing, messaging them now.


Paypal is strange in how it works, sometimes things are instant other times its not.

Normally if you click the transaction in PayPal itself it will give you a status, sometimes it will say pending. Also if its not an instant payment using your card, there will often be a delay.

TFL also doesn’t always go for instant payments, so they are often delayed, I sometimes wait over a week for something to go through, and that’s with Barclays, so its not unique to Starling.

There could be other reasons, but as it’s PayPal and TFL it’s not that strange for transactions to be delayed.


If you paid using your Starling Bank Account via Direct Debit, then you won’t get a notification straight away nor will the money be taken straight away as there has to be a suitable gap between PayPal informing your they’re taking an amount of money and them taking it as part of the Direct Debit Guarantee.


Okay, I didn’t know this. Thanks for filling me in :slight_smile:


Paypal seems to default to “pay after delivery” for some of my recent payments. It might be worth checking whether thats happened in your case.


Yeah - with PayPal you’ve got to be clear when you’re using it which payment method you’re using with your bank account.

If you’ve setup your Debit Card with PayPal and you pay for something with that - it should go through as a standard card payment and you’ll get instant notification.

If you’ve setup your bank account directly into PayPal - it’s setup as a Direct Debit which means that it’ll take a few days for payments to actually be processed.

PayPal really should make that more clear. I suspect it’s not been an issue until now because all the other legacy banks take a few days to process payments anyway but now that more banks are starting to do instant/quicker processing you’ll get a lot more people confused about what’s going on.

I’m not actually sure that they’re not breaking the Direct Debit ‘rules’ anyway as I’m pretty sure you’re supposed to get 14 days notice before any DD payment is taken from your account.


Direct Debits don’t have to be 14 days, only changes have to be notified, and providing you are told about that change, there still doesn’t have to be the 10 day standard period.

PayPal are informing you of the amount and date so it’s sticking by the Direct Debit Guarantee.

I think the problem with PayPal is the banking system here, in other countries direct bank funding happens immediately, just the processes here are slower.


I did have two transactions made on Friday lunchtime only appear as a notification this morning, so there might have been something wrong.


Excuse the pushing an old thread, I am experiencing issues with paypal to starling and as described usually instant into my starling ? . Example withdrew on Wednesday and not through yet. Paypal i couldn’t get in contact with . Starling customer service couldn’t assist. Many thanks for any help.


See if its pending in your PayPal account. Most of the time its immediate, occasionally they say they do a security check on it and can take up to 72 hours. I had 1 arrive today that i withdraw on Wednesday, but it does show as pending in your PayPal account also will appear at roughly the same time u withdrew the cash, i. e. I withdraw money at 12.02 pm on Wednesday and it arrived today at 12.04 pm


It says completed and i have a reference , its just small amounts as a test to see if its stable link between accounts. Will see its been since Wednesday now 4/4/2018. will check up on monday . thanks


There’s a few threads I see relating to Paypal, but I just wanted to share my first transactional experience as a new Starling customer.

I had absolutely no issues setting adding Starling Bank to my Paypal account, went very smoothly. I haven’t yet bought anything using Paypal, but my direct debit is all set up and the Paypal logo is showing.

Last night, I decided to withdraw the small amount of money to my Starling account that was sitting in my Paypal account. It was a seamless experience. The moment I’d confirmed the amount and pressed the withdraw to bank button, the funds were instantaneously transferred with an immediate notification from Starling that my account had been credited.


All good then, Peter :grinning:


Thanks @Peter_McCraw good to know.


Paypal used to take a few days to transfer funds but now they use Faster Payments :+1:t2:


I still haven’t bought anything using my Starling debit card regarding Paypal. I suppose the first real test will happen when I do so. I’m itching to try it out, trouble is, there’s just nowt I need from Ebay at the moment lol!


I think it’ll depend on what your primary source of funds is set to. If it’s set to your bank account, they claim the money by Direct Debit and it takes a few days. I’ve no idea what happens if you use your debit card as the funding source.


I’ve set my primary funding source to debit card, so the first time I purchase anything, it will be the debit card that gets the hit.