PayPal showing Starling Bank wrong name


I have added Starling to my personal PayPal account and it is showing as
Yorkshire Building Society.
I have added Starling sort code and my account number

Anyone experienced this?


@Beth_Abbott could you look into this one for us? Thank you!


Just checked mine and it says:

Odd that yours is wrong, I would usually think that they go on Sort Code to which as far as I know, everyone’s is the same right now?


I tried it 3 times !
It’s not a problem, I can wait until it’s sorted, my Nationwide FlexPlus is used with PayPal

It is strange though


Beth and I chatted today, she’ll try to find out the cause tomorrow. I too see Starling Bank Ltd and so it must a nuance somewhere. We’ll update you as we find out more.


Many thanks


How strange? Mine added perfectly. Hope it’s sorted out quickly for you.


Strange one my paypal shows as starling bank. Could be an issue PayPal’s end.


Am using this as a reminder to set up a PayPal DD and of course to test this out for myself.


This is how mine shows in PayPal


Same as mine, you’re not allowed to screenshot the PayPal app on Android so I couldn’t include it.


I have just tried adding Starling Bank to PayPal again, and it has added OK!
I did use the correct sort code each time, but this time I used laptop NOT my phone
Anyway it’s sorted now