PayPal embargoing Starling Bank?


Find PP a convenience but also damned difficult and inclined to make no effort to explain their processes of help, even when there is say, suspected fraud. Me being me this is just another case of bulling unethical American business practice


PayPal and Starling work fine together.

What problem have you experienced exactly?


I have had no problems with PayPal last weekend


@ajhusi many of our customers use PayPal with no issues. If you’ve had a specific problem, please do contact the CS team via an in-app message so we can investigate further for you.


Try paying your PayPal credit with starling debit MasterCard, it’s seems like it’s accepted, then a day or so you get an email telling you it’s been rejected and a reminder you need to pay, apparently their systems can’t work out MasterCard debit cards aren’t credit cards they don’t seem to be doing anything about updating the card number ranges or anything.

More info:


I have spoken to PayPal about this, as I too experienced this problem some months back. Just to confirm what you’ve already stated, the customer services team told me it is a technical problem with their online payment processor: their system has difficulties differentiating MasterCard credit cards from MasterCard debit cards. And you’re not allowed to pay a credit account with a credit account. But… you can make a payment over the phone using their automated system and your Starling debit card without issue, it’s just their online system that has problem.

Alternatively, do as I do, pay your PayPal Credit account using the direct debit mandate linked to your Starling account instead using your Starling debit card.

You can also send money to your PayPal Credit account using money in your regular PayPal account. You can top-up your PayPal account via bank transfer, and then use that to pay PayPal Credit.

I cannot imagine there are nefarious goings on behind the scenes within PayPal or an conspiracy against Starling: it’s just their ineptitude in updating their online systems. I’ve noticed other monolithic organisations have or had similar issues (a case in point being EE - the UK’s largest mobile phone operator - although I understand that’s been resolved quite recently).


Some of PayPal methods, policies and procedures are definitely ‘uphelpful’.


I don’t think it’s deliberate but I don’t see any acknowledgement that they need to do anything (and I think we need to get the pressure on them for them to bother) it would be nice if starling could get involved and see if they can get in touch with the right people to make it happen (I’m sure they’ve worked with a few merchants to speed things along so far)


I had the exact same scenario, but a second attempt seems to have gone through, albeit with a 2-day delay.


From the sounds of it, it actually looks like something that Mastercard themselves should be taking up with Paypal (and, lets face it, if Mastercard or Starling contacted Paypal to discuss this - who would they be more likely to listen to?).

If Paypal can’t tell the difference between Mastercard Credit and Debit cards that’s a pretty big issue which Mastercard should be dealing with as they seem to be pushing more aggressively into the debit card market and providing card services for a lot of the challenger/newfintect banks (Monzo and Loot both gave me mastercard debit cards if I remember rightly?)


Been down that path already, still think Starling should be pushing for their cards to be accepted where it should be accepted…


I bet it was taken by direct debit as your fallback method after your card “failed”.


We actively raise and track issues like this with Mastercard when they’re reported to us via the CS team.

Please do get in touch with CS via the app (even if you think it’s already been reported), as this helps us have full awareness of how an issue may be affecting our customers.


I appreciate the feedback on this subject. I have been both to busy and too ill to pay attention to the ‘forum’ since my life revolves around commuting between the centre of the country and the south coast, and London. (I left at 3am to avoid the dreadful congestion and terrible driving standard.) On the subject of 'the community" and Fin-tech banks I am not very happy either (you will immediately have an idea of my age). Monzo in particular comes across as a a bunch of fanboys. Starling to a much lesser extent, but I am still not happy because I consider the software communication platform to be tailored to social media platform, i.e. collecting big data and (so far as generalisations can ever be accurate of a specific event) selective of the inflammatory or controversial or prescriptive: we only want positive (sycophantic comments). I still stick to my guns about both PP and electronic banking. If a bank is a bank and licensed as such then its card technology should work. If the payment defaults then there are only three likely scenearios. 1 The bank’s payment system has flaws (unlikely) 2 The retailer’s card reader POS system is CRAP aka Waitrose for example. I can shop in Lydle and pay Apple Pay, Monzo or Starling. but Nation Wide and other generic bank cards are often troublesome. This is an IT problem for Systems Admins and SMEs to sort out. The UK is a long way down the list of countries who have done so and this is an increasingly critical area for foreign exchange earning/economic growth interests. We can take a lesson from the far East and Southern Asia, even China. And don’t get me started on Blockchain Cryptocurrency. In short Starling has a lot to be commended but is not nearly ready to be a sole c/a bank in my opinion. I have a Monzo a/c too, but their early promising start has dissolved into a muddle and no Apple Pay. Sorry chaps but a neon pink/orange card is not my first priority.


Thank you everyone for providing input to this thread, great to see the community answering common issues. I think the suggestion to pay your PP credit by adding your Starling bank account to your PP Account and paying by direct debit is a good one but, I also understand paying by card gives you more control. As @alexandra says we raise issues with MasterCard regularly but I’ll follow up with the team to see if we have any updates on this. We certainly want to ensure our cards are always accepted.


@sarah.guha has there been any update on this?


Tried to pay minimum payment PP credit and it was turned down. DD works fine though


I had this issue with another payment service as well, would not recognise my Starling Card as being MasterCard. I had to use PayPal to pay… it sounds like a scheme issue with MasterCard


PP consider any MasterCard beginning with 55 as a credit card (even when it’s a debit card). Their system won’t allow you to pay off credit with a credit card. To pay by card, you have to call :roll_eyes:.


That’s weird - I wonder if PayPal are just plain wrong or if Starling have somehow issued card numbers that don’t adhere to the standard? I would think the issue lies with PayPal.